Pattern of underpants for a boy

Among the many models of children's underwear it can be difficult to make a choice. It is especially difficult to choose underwear for a boy. After all, his panties play an important role in protecting one of the most important and delicate organs of the male body.

IMPORTANT! Most pediatricians and pediatric urologists argue that the best model of panties for boys is boxers. They do not compress the lymph nodes in and the blood vessels in the groin. And this is very important for a growing organism.

You can sew such panties for your son yourself. It will take some time. Their production will require a small amount of material, and the price will be lower than in the store.

We will tell you how to sew them yourself.

Necessary measurements

To make children's boxers, you need to measure the waist circumference and the hip circumference of the child . It's not hard. Wrap a tape measure around the thinnest spot on the waist and the most convex spot on the buttocks. So you get the right measurements.

We make a pattern

  • Draw a rectangle ABCD . One of its sides is equal to a quarter of the circumference of the hips by the taken measurements + 4 cm for allowance for all sizes. This is side AB. And the other is equal to a quarter of the circumference of the hips + 10 cm for all sizes. This is the side of the sun.
  • Divide the length AD of the resulting rectangle in half . From the top we draw a line to the place where the middle of the length turned out. This will be the sideline of the underpants.
  • Next, draw the lower cutout of the front half of the product. To do this, from the top C (lower right corner) lay 5 cm to the left. The point that turned out (hereinafter referred to as point 5) is connected to the lower lateral point by a dotted line.
  • We divide the line drawn by a dotted line in half. From its center we measure at an angle of 90 ° 3 cm. We draw a line of the bottom cut-out of cowards along the piece, as in the figure. Side AB will become the waist of the front half of the product.
  • For the waist of the back of the underpants from the top B, measure up 2 cm. We connect the resulting point with the top A of the rectangle.
  • Further from the center on the dashed line we measure 1 cm up. Having drawn from the place where the AD side is divided through the point obtained above the dotted line and point 5, we get the lower neckline of the back half of the underpants.

Sewing children's boxers

Sewing briefs for children is best made of natural fabric with a minimum content

synthetics. For this, cotton with elastane, viscose or soft knitwear is suitable.

  • We cut out all parts of the product. Before - 1 pc. with a fold, back - 1 pc. with a fold.

IMPORTANT! When cutting, add to the resulting pattern allowances of 0.5 cm for seams. We make allowances for cutouts of legs and top 1 cm.

  • We plan, and then we perform side seams.
  • Cutouts for the legs and top of the panties will be treated with an overlock.
  • The top allowance is tucked 1.5 cm, making a "drawstring" for the elastic. It is important to leave a place to pass the gum.

TIP! Ready-made cotton elastic bands 1–1.5 cm wide can also be sewn to leg cutouts. Then allowances must be cut.

  • If you don’t have an overlock, an ordinary sewing machine is also suitable for work. Then the process will be a little longer. First, we sew with a regular line, and then we process the edges, imitating an overlock seam.

TIP! To make the stitch smooth and accurate, place a water-soluble non-woven fabric or tracing paper in the seam.

As you can see, making cowards for the boy is not difficult at all. So that you can get to work, armed with our simple tips.