Pantaloons at the stars: fashion or necessity?

Recently, the Internet is filled with pictures of stars that the camera lenses of the ubiquitous paparazzi caught in a frame with underwear visible from under the skirts.

Stars in drawers

It would seem - what is unusual in this? And the fact that this underwear is not lace tanga and not bright thongs, but the very most skin-colored drawers! Is it a shame or a new fashion? Judging by the popularity of such pictures, very soon fashionistas will really have to occupy the departments of “maxi” underwear stores, but it looks funny or sexy - it's up to you.

The singers do not hesitate to put on their trousers even on stage, under bright expensive costumes, without thinking that during active dances their thousands of crowds and even more fans on the Internet will see their little secret.

The trousers on the slender Taylor Swift look very strange: she really doesn’t have to wear tight-fitting underwear. However, a gust of wind - and there is no doubt that the singer has a skirt.

Famous for her stunning dances and no less stunning forms, Beyoncé did not hesitate to put on the concert not only beige knickers, but also sliding body stockings, because of which a fragment of the buttocks sticks out in the most unappetizing way.

Frivolous singers, you say? What about the royals? Yes, yes, you were not mistaken, representatives of the British nobility also wear knickers! Princess Beatrice should not have walked so wide in a cut-out skirt - knowledgeable people recognized Spanx corrective tights in the opened piece of flesh-colored fabric.

Kim Kardashian, who became an icon of style for many, also did not stand aside from mass pantalon hysteria. The seemingly impeccable image does not fit at all the “grandmother's” linen noticed by the cameras.

And since we are talking about this, we cannot but mention the style icon for the generation of the 90s, Sarah-Jessica Parker. Pantalon white color, of course, emphasizes her tan, but this does not really save the situation.

But there are pluses in drawers.

Reference! Gynecologists have repeatedly proved the harm caused to the female body with mini-panties, especially in winter. Therefore, from a health point of view, free trousers are much more useful.

In addition, they are considered really the most convenient and comfortable linen, and with the right selection and combination with the wardrobe, they are able to give a figure in the most favorable light.

Apparently, Katy Perry thinks the same way: she does not need to wait for the unexpected wind or move actively in a flying skirt - in a fit of stage ecstasy, she lifts her dress herself, surprising fans with light pink knickers.

Singer Rihanna is also not shy: for the shooting of the video, she put on bodily tights with panties directly under short shorts. Although it is worth noting that when this photo appeared on the network, more discussion was caused by her bright red hair and ankle boots with orange socks.

Or do they need knickers to simply hide their genitals from unsuccessful incidents with the paparazzi?