Less 10 years in 4 steps

How one wants to have unfading beauty, to be healthy and energetic, feeling like a playful doe or a fluttering butterfly! Which of the women “over 40” does not dream of looking younger than her age, attracting the enthusiastic looks of others and especially men? The desire not to grow old as long as possible, to look stylish, to be well-groomed externally and to have a sense of inner harmony, unites millions of like-minded women all over the planet.

“Every woman has the age she deserves” Coco Chanel

People have long been looking for all kinds of recipes for youth and a means to prolong the unfading beauty and restore vitality. What has not been tried since the witching elixirs of immortality and the search for the philosopher's stone . Using modern diets, creams and ointments, energy and invigorating drinks, injections and plastic surgeries, modern ladies continue to actively seek rejuvenation and beauty. Nowadays - it is fashionable and prestigious!

Help you solve the mystery of eternal youth? Believe me, you too can be stylish, beautiful and look much younger. There is no special secret here! Any woman, following the recommendations of our professional stylist, designer and psychologist, can easily get rid of her 10 years, creating her own individual style, while preserving the external attractiveness, health and pep.


  • Step 1. Restore your peace of mind
  • Step 2. Visit a beauty salon
  • Hair coloring - choose your color correctly
  • Step 3. Pay attention to the colors of the clothes.
  • Step 4. Be at the peak of fashion

Step 1. Restore your peace of mind

No one will ever be happy if he has an unloved job or a mass of unresolved problems. Troubles of life will easily knock even the “iron lady” out of the track.

Write down your problems on the leaflet: work, home, personal failures and fears. After reading the list, you will see what exactly prevents you from living happily. Naturally, these barriers cannot be overcome with one wave of a hand or a movement of thought. Therefore, solve them in stages, starting with the most important for you.

For example, find a job that you like, start an active lifestyle, take care of your personal problems and health, chat with friends. Control the process, step by step, moving towards clarity of thought, peace of mind and removing adverse factors. Gradually, you will become more self-confident and gain external attractiveness, becoming younger even in the shower.

Step 2. Visit a beauty salon

Women at any age can look young. Do you also want to experience the magical power of beauty? Change your hairstyle, take care of your dull, thin or poorly growing hair. Pay a visit to the hairdresser-stylist, this visit will help you find a unique style in your quest to become beautiful and young by removing the complex "plain gray mouse".

The right haircut to the appearance features will make your look stylish and memorable. In addition, new technologies will save time on endless styling and emphasize individual features, having thrown off a woman visually for several years.

Hair coloring - choose your color correctly

Gray hair is sometimes found even in young people. To remove this feature of hair color changes, which adds age to women, it is necessary to tint them regularly.

Shades that will help ladies "for 40" significantly younger:

  • Light colors . They more Total suitable for people with fair skin, hiding existing defects on the face. Blond hair will rejuvenate a woman and make her fresh;
  • Dark tones . Dyed dark hair will create a balance between dark skin and hairstyle. Black and dark brown shades will not suit fair-faced ladies;
  • Red and other bright shades. This kind of painting suitable for women only with perfect, problem-free skin of any color;
  • Natural tones. Suitable for all colors and types of skin.

Step 3. Pay attention to the colors of the clothes.

The right color of clothes is guaranteed to make you slim, feminine and stylish. Forget about the dark colors . Bright and light tones will fundamentally change your appearance, and you will look much younger than your age. To choose the right clothes and emphasize the advantages of your figure, be sure to pay attention to the style and quality of the fabric, with a special emphasis on color matching.

Forming your wardrobe, choose youth shades

White-blue with a dark blue or light purple combination of tones will create a perfectly harmonious image of a stylish young lady. Add floral trousers, a neckerchief with the same pattern, dilute the ensemble with dark shoes, a handbag, and no one will guess your age.

Lavender, white, blue and beige. These gentle combining shades will suit you a real holiday of youth, emphasizing your merits.

Pink, dark brown and dark blue. Take a chance and replenish your toilets with a dusty pink cloak or coat. A wise lady, correctly combining bright clothes, accessories and dark-colored shoes, will look young and organic.

Dark orange, green and beige . The combination of these colors will create an autumn mood for you. An expressive ensemble, consisting of a beige jacket and green trousers, will be the most creative and stylish option for a woman "over 40".

Yellow, blue and blue . If you want your soul to rejoice and sing, select these tones. Your image will radiate a bright radiance and deep tenderness, creating a festive mood for you and those around you.

Muted blue, pink and dusty brown tones . The return of the retrostyle will remind you of young years and will give enthusiasm in life.

Gray and white. The classic colors of the kit, combined with a red handbag and shoes perfectly emphasize your slim and beautiful young look.

Step 4. Be at the peak of fashion

Dress modernly, this is another step towards youth. Wear trending clothes, adapting them to your character and figure.

Stylist Tips:

  • choose the right shoes. High heels in neutral-colored shoes for trousers of the same tone will significantly lengthen your legs. Wear beautiful and comfortable shoes of unusual design with unique details. This will help you lose at least 10 years;
  • prefer tight jeans . They will visually remove 2–3 kg with the help of elastic fabric and smooth, wrinkles protruding from under the clothes, not giving you much enthusiasm;
  • buy clothes for your figure. Get rid of baggy, poorly fitting clothes. Highlight the waist with a belt. Shy of tight things? Hide the flaws by throwing a jacket. This is the best way to look younger;
  • Wear short skirts if you can wear a “mini” in your weight category. Otherwise, a taboo, because you will look vulgar! Balance the length of the skirt with boots, boots or long sleeves;
  • pay attention to accessories. Minimize the number of decorations, combine them with shades of the same color or choose different shapes. Do not forget to combine jewelry in colors with handbags or shoes.

Apply the advice of our professionals to change your image, experience the magical power of beauty! Create your own unique, perfect, attractive appearance and a state of mind that will be very far from your physiological age.