Knitting Velor Yarn Sweater

There is a special yarn that requires a separate article - this is velor. We dwell on this soft yarn in detail and consider two cool stylish models of velor sweaters. Sweaters for women and men are always relevant, especially in the cold season.

Features of Velor Yarn

Of course, velor is an artificial fiber. But the thread is so soft, pleasant and even warm that knitters use it in their knitwear. They love to touch it during the needlework process. The result is a fashionable and beautiful and voluminous product. But the most important thing is that it retains its original appearance for a very long time, since the fabric does not crease.

These toys are created by the hands of a craftsman and are based on velor. One can only imagine what kind of soft toys they are. Children will definitely like them, and any girl will be delighted with such a gift, no matter how old she is. There are a lot of such touching pictures. But soon I want to switch to velor sweaters themselves. And they are no less charming.

Step by step how to knit a sweater (jumper) from velor yarn with knitting needles

Here they are these amazing and fashionable sweaters. Very pleasant to the body. Two fashionable models that can be created in one evening. The yarn is very large and some masters take a huge sweater for only 2-3 hours.

For beginners, the set of first loops is below:

Velor Women's Sweater

A very chic model of velor sweaters for women. Moreover, the model looks equally good, both on the girl and on the lady from 40. Add accessories, and then do not take your eyes off the created image.

To work, you will need:

  • gray velor yarn;
  • knitting needles for the thickness of the thread.


First, they tied a small square according to the given pattern of the canvas. It was determined how many loops, and how many rows are contained in 10 cm. These two numbers are the density of the knitting. Only the density will help to further correctly calculate how many loops will be required to complete the back, right and left front shelves, sleeves and, accordingly, the hood of the sweater.


The model is designed for size 46 and therefore all measurements are created for this size. For the first set you should dial 8 rapports with pigtails. Knit without adding loops 30 cm. Next, make small reductions for the armhole. To do this, first close 2 loops in the first row on each side, and close three loops in the next row. In total, 5 loops should be closed. Then knit 22 cm and completely stop knitting the back. For the neck, it will be necessary to close 20 middle loops at a height of 19 cm. Next, in each row, close 2 loops from each edge.

Front Right / Left Shelf

The model will be with a zipper in the center and therefore the shelves should be of equal size and exactly 2 times narrower than the back part. Knit every detail as well as the back, but simply split into 2 parts. That is, initially a set of not 8, but 4 reports is dialed. At the same height there will be a cutout to the neck and to the armhole.


For each sleeve, the width is 4 reports. Knitting occurs to a height of 36 cm, then it will be necessary to close 4 loops on each side in each row, and continue knitting until you knit another 10 cm.


Before you knit the hood, you will need to sew the shelves and the back. Then dial loops around the edge of the cutout for 9 repeat patterns. Knit pigtails to a height of 30 cm and close the loops so that the pattern stops in the middle of the pigtail (the middle between two intersections). Then combine the ends of the hood and sew them with an inconspicuous seam so as not to shift the pattern.


Sew sleeves and sew side seams. Now it remains only to sew a zipper and make the sweater feminine using crochet processing.

Crochet: for processing you will need a small rubber band and velor yarn. With the help of an elastic band you get a thickened edge. Knit along the edge of the hood and along the edge of each sleeve. Do not pull the elastic on the hood, and tighten the sleeves on the sleeves to make a small assembly.

So, a fashionable and very feminine sweater is ready. In it, a woman will look very feminine, and will not become a teddy bear.

Men's Velor Thread Sweater

Male models of velor sweaters (jumpers) are no less attractive. And the following photo helps to make sure of this. She is wearing a simple raglan sweater made using unusual threads of velor. It looks very worthy, and if the velor in the women's blouse made her fragile and tender, the male model, on the contrary, makes heavier and heavier shoulders.

The work will require :

  • yarn with velor threads;
  • knitting needles for thread number.


On the main pattern of the canvas, you need to knit a small sample. Velor thread is very thick and therefore it will be enough to collect only 20 loops and knit about 30 rows. Next, using a ruler, calculate how many loops, and how many rows can stand 10 cm. These two numbers will make up the density of knitting. From them, further, calculate the required number of loops for dialing.

Back and front shelf

In this model, a raglan sweater starts from the bottom elastic and continues up to the collar. The front shelf and back are knitted as a single detail in a circle. For the initial set for size 50, you need to dial 180 loops. Knit 10 rows with 1 * 1 elastic. Next, go to the circular knitting of the front surface, tie another 37 cm, and simply put the work aside.


For each sleeve, knit out 76 stitches with circular knitting details. First 10 rows of gum 1 * 1, and then again the front surface to a height of 40 cm.

Front surface


Connect all the details and now knit a large circle up with a gradual decrease in raglan. To do this, make reductions at the joints (knit together a loop from one part and a loop from the second part). Knit until the desired neckline is cut. In this model, raglan is made to a height of 15 cm. Then, with a 1 * 1 rubber band, perform 4 cm and close the loops using the elastic edge.

So the sweater is ready, the fastest and without the slightest stitching.

Doing beautiful things is easy. Even a beginner can handle it. Moreover, many models are so simple that you just follow the instructions and you get a chic product.