Knitted Socks

In winter, even adults cannot do without socks. Feet should always be kept warm. Charming and at the same time very comfortable models of slippers socks can be made with knitting needles from warm yarn. Let's consider in detail how to knit women's slippers for the whole family.

Selection of yarn and knitting needles

Yarn for socks should be not only warm, but also durable. Since the load on this product is very high.

Some threads exist specifically to create this type of product. There is a special line, it is called sock yarn.

If another type of yarn was used for work and the fibers are very soft and not so strong, then it is necessary to further strengthen with a cotton thread.

Knitted socks slippers step by step with patterns

The most beautiful socks slippers that can make a master and even a beginner are presented below. A very simple model of the squares is just a charm, with a detailed description and high-quality schemes.

Viscous slippers

Stylish and warm slippers socks created a simple garter stitch. As a result of a sufficiently thick thread and a dense pattern, they turn out to be strong and soft. In order to make the insole even more convenient and reliable - it is better to knit it in double.

To work, you will need:

  • multi thick sock yarn;
  • knitting needles.


With the help of multi yarn, a small square was tied and the density of knitting was calculated for it. But it is absolutely necessary to use a garter pattern, which is used for the entire product.


From the foot you will need to take 2 measurements. Measure foot length, width. Calculate how many density loops will need a set for insoles.


The insole is knitted from heel to toe. Apply a garter stitch pattern from the first row. Make smooth filing right away. To do this, first dial a third of the width, and then add 2 loops in each row to obtain the proper width. Tie a foot to the start line of the little finger and from this point begin to decrease for the toe. Reduce 1 loop. When there is the required length - just close all the loops. Tie two identical insoles for one sole.

Side part

First, connect the two soles and sew along the edge, sewing a few stitches in the center of the product. Loop along the edge of the sole to the start line of the little finger. Knit 8 rows in straight and reverse rows. In the last two rows, make a reduction of 3 loops in each row (do heel cuts to get the product properly bent).


Sock to start from the tip. For the first row, dial 2 loops and, in order to get the angle, make additions of 2 loops in the central part. In each row, hook the loops along the edge of the toe of the sole.


Sew the sides and toe slipper. If you wish, you can make a beautiful border, for this use the hook and the pattern of the step.

Slippers from squares for the beginner to knitting

Cute slippers with original squares can be knitted in a few hours. Very nice and comfortable. But the most important thing is that the product does not require loop calculation. It’s enough to connect several squares and sew them, and the model is ready.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn for socks (preferably two colors);
  • knitting needles along the thickness of the thread (can be knitted with ordinary ones).

Little square

Small squares should be made. More precisely, you can fit them to size if you use a small geometric figure. Measure the circumference of the ankles. Divide the indicator by 2 and subtract 1 cm. Draw on the sheet a segment of the obtained length. Using the right angle, finish the sides of the isosceles triangle. Then measure the side and it will be the side of the square.


First, knit a small sample using a handkerchief. Calculate the density of knitting for him, and count the loops for one square. Tie 8 squares according to the measurements and loops for one slipper. It is better to use contrasting threads for the squares.


Sew squares as shown in the photo. Upper just bend down and get chic and very comfortable slippers.

Warm slippers, socks with knitting needles with volume elastic

The original model, even on a large leg, will look very cute. The blame for this is a wide elastic band and a very short sock with a nice pattern of shallow tangle.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn of two colors for socks;
  • knitting needles.


Take two measurements from the leg and additionally tie a small square with the wrong side. Determine the density of the knitting for the yarn.

Important! Socks are knitted in two threads, therefore it is necessary to knit a sample in two threads at once.

Small potato


Knit 2 insoles with the wrong side. To do this, gain a third with the wrong side of the surface, and then in each row make additions until the required width is obtained. Knit to the middle of the foot, and then in each 4 row do reduction by 2 loops. Tie to the required length, and stop knitting. The row is just close. Align the insoles, and sew along the edge and center of the insoles. It is better to stitch with front canvases, so that the outside on the toe was a purl and inside.

Wrong surface


Gather round loops on the insole, and continue knitting without adding and without loops. Use a tangle pattern from the first row, knit in two threads and insert a contrasting thread through each row. Knit 8 rows, and switch to sock.


From the central 6 loops of the sock, connect with the wrong side of the stitch, then gradually grab the sides in the direction of the heel. In the first 3 rows make additions to achieve the required width. Knit before reaching the midline of 2 cm.


Combine the toe loops and the side loops (remaining). Knit with the help of a pattern of knitwear about 6 rows by analogy to the beginning of side knitting. Next, switch to the gum pattern, and execute it with a white thread. To make the elastic thick, it is better to use 4 threads. Knit about 10 rows.


Tie the sock with contrasting thread and make three stripes on the elastic of the sock.

Here are ready chic socks.

These are not all fashionable ideas for making slippers.

We try and experiment, and maybe tomorrow you will become the new author who will provide a master class on creating a stunning model of slippers, knitting needles.