Khaki with red: a combination in clothes

Khaki was used in military uniform because of its practicality and good camouflage qualities. But designers drew attention to this color and have been using it in their collections for more than one season.

The very name “khaki” translates as “dusty”. This is not a simple color, but a combination of several in different shades and with different saturation. The main colors of which it consists:

  • brown;
  • beige;
  • olive;
  • green;
  • Gray;
  • ashen;
  • marsh.

The predominance of one of these colors gives its own variation of hacks. Therefore, it is considered universal, because every girl will choose the right shade for her.

How to choose a shade by type

The easiest way to choose according to color type:

  • Girls with blond hair and very fair skin should not use any of the shades of khaki in the face. This can make him unhealthy pale. But you can choose any hacks for skirts and trousers. Outerwear is also acceptable, but complemented by a bright scarf.
  • If a girl has blonde hair, green eyes and a slightly tanned skin tone, a tone with a dominant green or beige color will do.
  • Red-haired girls with the fall color type are suitable for any of the hacks. They can even collect the image of total look hacks, using 2-3 different shades in it.
  • Saturated colors are suitable for brunettes with dark skin : swamp, ashen, bronze.

What a combination of khaki with red says about a person

The combination of red and khaki is extravagant . Khaki itself is natural and is suitable for those who do not want to attract too much attention. But red is contrasting to it, it is chosen by strong and eccentric people. Therefore, by the proportions of red and khaki in the image, one can judge how much a person likes to be in the spotlight.

In addition, a combination of contrasting colors makes a person tasteful. And if there is no certainty in choosing these shades, then you can choose soft red tones.

To whom is such a combination, and to whom not

The combination of red and khaki will suit most girls. The main thing is to choose your own shades and mix them correctly.

Red-haired girls can use all shades of both khaki and red. These two colors advantageously emphasize their bright appearance.

For brunettes, bright colors or a noble burgundy are best suited.

Blondes are suitable wine shades, red with a light plum tone or bright red.

At the same time, do not forget that both red and khaki very strongly emphasize the unhealthy condition of the skin. Therefore, if there are bruises on the face, allergy spots, or simply the consequences of a cold, it is better to abandon this image.

How to make outfit

An outfit aged in swamp shades is enough to dilute with a bright red accessory. It can be a bag, belt, shoes. If you choose a blouse or a skirt of bright red, then the rest of the image should be in swamp or olive shades.

Sometimes hacks may not be the primary color of the image. For example, trousers or a khaki skirt can smooth out a vibrant look and make it more modest.

Instead of red, you can use a pastel pink tint to create a delicate look. It goes well with rich swamp or olive and beige. A pink blouse, cardigan or sweater will work with trousers or a khaki skirt. You can complement them with skin-colored boats or sneakers.

It goes well with khaki and the opposite of pink - burgundy. He will make the image noble, a little autumn, so often this combination is used to create autumn and winter bows. The best combination is the deep wine color of Marsala and the rich swamp color.

Coral is considered very active, so it is recommended to use it as an accent in the image. This is a delicate color that suits girls with fair skin, emphasizing the freshness of the face. The combination of a coral blouse or sweater with a bottom of olive or swamp color will give a good combination for every day.

Where can I go with such clothes

Khaki itself, despite its warlike origin, is not aggressive. Therefore, images with it can be universal.

For work, a combination of a marsh trouser suit with a red sweater or blouse is suitable. If the dress code is strict, then an accent in the form of a business bag is suitable.

For a casual look, pair khaki skinny jeans with a bright top. In the cool season, this is all complemented by a bomber or a park. Another option is a combination of a pink or burgundy dress made of knitwear and a straight cut with a marsh cardigan.

Over the past couple of seasons, overalls have not lost their relevance. They are suitable for walking around the city or for work without a strict dress code. A wine-colored t-shirt or turtleneck is suitable for a saturated swamp tone jumpsuit.

A flared khaki skirt in combination with a bright or delicate red top is suitable for meeting friends and walking.

And a simple dress of swamp or olive color will be transformed if you add bright shoes and a bag to it. A wide-brimmed hat will complete the image in summer or autumn.

Khaki only looks complicated and inaccessible to many girls. This is a very flexible color, which can be varied to suit your own style and lifestyle. It is combined with almost any color, the main thing is to avoid the combination of too dark or dusty shades that make the image dark and boring.