Japanese sunglasses

Almost every person has sunglasses, regardless of age and gender. This stylish accessory that doesn’t go out of fashion helps preserve vision on a walk under the bright sun, avoid accidents when driving vehicles, and give the image completeness.

What brands of Japanese sunglasses exist?

Impeccable quality and style are the hallmarks of eyewear manufacturers in Japan. Each in its own way is unique, attractive to a certain category of customers. For some, sunglasses are the main product, for others - an accompanying, complementary element of a fashionable collection of clothes or shoes.

Matsuhiro matsuda

The corporation was founded in 1967 in Tokyo by the designer Matsuhiro Matsuda. Produces unique handmade models. Frames of exquisite forms, combining fashion trends and national color, are made of metals (including precious) and acetate fiber, decorated with vintage carvings . Polymer or mineral lenses have various protective coatings. Sales of products are carried out in more than 30 countries of the world.

Important! The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty on its products.

Maui jim

The company, which considers customers to be part of the ohana family, began operations in 1980 as a small sunglasses retailer on Hawaiian beaches. Currently, the range includes about 130 classic and sports polarized models. Their distinctive features:

  • increased strength due to the use of the best raw materials and a special protective coating against scratches;
  • blocking ultraviolet and reflections;
  • adaptation of the shape of the frame to the contours of the face, eliminating the inconvenience of wearing;
  • improved optical properties;
  • increased attention to detail.

Yohji yamamoto

The keywords that characterize the creations of this designer are drama and intelligence. The corporate identity of the master is always recognizable by the contrasting combination of classics and avant-garde, the predominance of black, delicate decorative metal elements .

Fits perfectly into any image, it gives it a laconic elegance and mystery.


A brand specializing in the production of equipment and products for professional anglers. Polarizing glasses are one of them. They are made of the highest quality plastic. Multi-colored lenses have a multilayer coating that provides reliable protection for the eyeball .

Each product is packed in a hard case with a carabiner for attaching to clothes, equipped with special glass care products.


A pioneer among manufacturers of Japanese sunglasses, existing in the optics market since 1905. Today, only 3% of frames for all domestic products are made by other manufacturers. The entire technological cycle is carried out at one plant, which provides the perfect combination of all elements.

Glasses can be selected for any face shape, any style and thereby emphasize individuality. Strong and light frames with a titanium base and a colored patterned acetate coating are marked on the inside with the brand name “guang hui”, which means “magnificent” .


Fashion house founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada in 1976. His products, combining Western and Eastern motifs - the embodiment of simplicity, elegance, unity with nature. The brand independently and in collaboration with French partners produces both male and female models that attract true connoisseurs of beauty and sophistication.


A relatively young brand whose history begins in 1990. The designer, former rocker June Takahashi, a promoter of free street fashion, produces glasses in a rectangular frame made of blue translucent plastic . The lenses are matched in the same color, but 1-2 tones darker. Products are more suitable for young people and informals, their range is limited.

Corporations specializing in vision correction optics produce both frames and photochromic and polarization lenses, which not only perfectly match each other, but also perform several functions simultaneously:

  • eye protection from bright light;
  • increased visual acuity;
  • prevention of cataracts and retinal thinning.

By the way! Hoya DriveWear Hi-Vision Aqua 1.5 - a real find for drivers. The degree of their dimming can change in seconds up to 50% in the car and up to 85% on the street. Diopters from -9 to +7 are available.

You need to choose only high-quality sunglasses, taking into account their purpose . The frame should be as convenient and functional as possible. For a long stay in the sun, near the water or in the mountains, it is better to give preference to polarizing, and for driving - photochromic lenses (chameleons) with anti-glare effect.