Is it possible to wash shoes with an old toothbrush

The Internet is full of various toothbrush life hacks. Very often you can find a mention that they ideally clean shoes from all types of pollution. In order not to spoil your favorite shoes or boots, you should carefully study the question: is the method as good as it is presented to us?

What can I brush with a toothbrush?

Light shoes are a magnet for dirt. If you do not have regular “baths”, then it becomes sloppy and spoils the whole image. It is for her that the old brush is recommended for use. Just do not forget to wash the laces in a timely manner, otherwise the impression will be spoiled.

So, we brush our shoes with a toothbrush.

What you need to prepare

  • cool water;
  • old toothbrush;
  • toothpaste;
  • sponge with a soft foam surface.

Instruction manual

  1. First you need to wet the surface with a sponge, which we are going to wash from adhering dirt and dust.
  2. Squeeze a little paste on the brush and gently three boots. Carefully go through all the seams and soles. Small and flexible bristles will help remove dirt even from the most inaccessible places. The whitening paste is able to return a pleasant snow-white color to both teeth and shoes.
  3. At the end of the procedure, wipe all treated surfaces with a soft sponge.

In this way, we can maintain the pristine whiteness of fashionable white sneakers and sneakers. The procedure should be carried out regularly, it is better - every day, otherwise the surface will be covered with a hard washed away gray coating. To enhance the effect, some housewives advise wetting the shoes with water and household soap added to it (it is now sold in liquid form) or with a floor cleaner.

To keep the boot heel safe and sound, always use a special horn.

Pros and cons of a trendy life hack


  1. This is an inexpensive way to maintain cleanliness, because the ingredients are in every home.
  2. The method is simple and lacks any tricks, does not require special skills .
  3. A great home method that really demonstrates effectiveness.

The disadvantage is that hard bristles can scratch the skin, so I recommend that you first try out a new life hack in the most inconspicuous area. It’s best to leave soft toothbrushes for shoes.

Salt, which is carefully scattered along the roads to combat ice, can spoil the material of the upper shoes. But don't be upset! There is a good proven way: add undiluted table vinegar to a glass of warm water. Before cleaning, apply the mixture to a clean cotton rag and wipe the shoes.

The method is indispensable for white sneakers and sneakers. Sports shoes are full of suede and nubuck inserts, seams and other "chips" that make it difficult to clean with ordinary rags or sponges, so a toothbrush becomes an indispensable and cheap tool to maintain the original shine.

If the method did not help

Do not despair and try a couple more folk secrets:

  1. The rubber sole can be washed from the stubborn dirt with the usual “White”. The main thing is to prevent the penetration of aggressive agents on textiles.
  2. Apply nail polish remover to the cotton pad and gently wipe off any gray surfaces.
  3. Wipe the shoes with half a lemon . Its juice dissolves plaque, and to enhance the effect, it is recommended to wait about 20 minutes, and then rinse the juice with water.

Toothbrush perfectly cleans textiles from a layer of dirt and dust . She can also clean any sole. Nevertheless, I recommend that you treat your skin more carefully and use special brushes and sponges so as not to scratch the surface.