How to wear a sweater with a skirt?

Every woman in the wardrobe has at least one sweater, but many believe that you can only wear them with trousers and the look in this case looks very dull. This is completely wrong. In the new fashion season, fashion designers offer a wide range of options for combining sweaters with skirts of various styles. Here you can find both classic ways of combining, and original images for each using wardrobe items that are far from standards.

Rules for combining a sweater with a skirt

In the new fashion season, very relevant warm clothing that creates comfort and coziness. Pullovers are the best suited for creating everyday looks. However, stylists also advise while remaining feminine, and for this you need to combine sweaters with different styles and models of skirts.

There are certain rules that you must adhere to when combining skirts and sweaters:

  • voluminous sweatshirts so relevant this season, can not be combined with short skirts, fashion designers consider this a bad manners;
  • The ideal option for combining with sweaters is the length to the knee or to the floor, so the image is multilayered and very interesting;
  • white voluminous sweaters look great with a contrasting dark bottom or brightly colored wardrobe items;
  • with the classic "pencil" you can combine various styles of pullovers, creating both a casual version of the outfit and a strict office style;
  • short ones with sweaters are combined only if the model of the upper part of the bow is shortened (the image is more suitable for tall and slender girls), otherwise it may seem vulgar.

Important! Remember the basic rule - less color, more contrast. The girl will always look stylish and fashionable.

A sweater tucked under the belt is the trend of the last season . At first glance, it seems that this is absolutely tasteless, but carefully choosing wardrobe items, for example, a long warm skirt on the floor and a large knit pullover in oversize style, you can make sure that it is really very stylish.

What to add to a sweater?

Stylists offer a huge number of bows for every day using different styles of skirts and sweaters. There are unusual combinations and well-expected images.

Skirt on the floor

Maxi length opens up a lot of possibilities for experiments. Thin sweaters will look good in this unusual way, they can be tucked under the belt, or bulky large-knit sweaters. Some designers recommend wearing a shortened pullover with a skirt on the floor, you need to combine it with a T-shirt or an elongated top.

Short skirt

A short bottom with sweaters of any configuration is considered a terrible bad manners. Stylists do not recommend creating such a vulgar image. However, girls with an impeccable sense of style can combine with mini cropped voluminous sweaters. To give the image of originality it is worth choosing non-trivial shoes. Sneakers or ankle boots for a casual look, as well as high boots or classic pumps to signify a business style, are best suited.


A model from this material is perfect for a cold winter. Thin turtlenecks and pullovers combine with such a skirt, tucking under the belt, or voluminous shortened or elongated models that create a feminine image, while providing the girl with the necessary warmth.


The classic “pencil” is perhaps best combined with bulk models of large knitting. Almost every woman has this wardrobe item. It is universal, so it is combined with many knitwear. A stylish and free oversize top will be a great addition. The lower part of the bow will emphasize the harmony of the legs, and the baggy top will not be evident.

A pack

A light and airy pack made of tulle or organza goes well with classic simple cut sweaters in bright saturated colors.

Important! Make sure that wardrobe items are combined with each other in shades and do not suppress each other. Otherwise, the image can be hopelessly ruined.

Guipure skirt

The bottom of the guipure always looks delicate and elegant. The sweater must be selected very carefully. Suitable delicate thin pullovers and turtlenecks in warm light shades, as well as voluminous medium-sized knitted sweaters that fit the silhouette with free folds.


The flare model is considered one of the most popular among women of all ages. It fits the hips beautifully and goes down into the volume below, giving the image sophistication and femininity. With such a style, elongated models of large knitted tops or voluminous baggy specimens will look good.


Plisse has been incredibly popular for several seasons in a row. The most preferred option is the length of the midi, but it happens that you buy models on the floor or even very short ones. Stylists recommend combining this piece of clothing with coarse-knit sweaters, voluminous and baggy. Also a good and sophisticated option is the use of a thin top with a collar.

Plaid skirt

A plaid skirt is a classic in style. It can be of different lengths and styles or even with uneven asymmetric edges. Always such a thing looks original and beautiful. Fashion designers offer to combine them with monophonic coats of large knitting, as well as to put on thin pullovers in classic matte shades.

And if you add a sweater to the skirt ...

For different styles of the bottom, you can come up with the perfect complement in the form of a sweater. These can be models of various lengths and knitting:

  • long
  • short
  • voluminous;
  • thin;
  • fitted and others.

The variety of images that can be created leaves the flight for the imagination of the woman herself. The main thing is to correctly combine selected wardrobe items and prevent dissonance in the shades of products .


A long and wide sweater is more popular today than ever. For autumn-winter onions, this is ideal. It creates coziness and provides the lady with warmth. For every day, a long pullover can be worn with a skirt on the floor made of dense materials. She will also protect from the cold and beautifully frame the figure.

Important! The bottom also needs to be selected from dense materials so that there is no dissonance in the image. Although some fashion designers believe that you can take risks and put on, for example, an organza skirt.

Also, stylists recommend using long sweaters in combination with the classic pencil model, leather in various styles, as well as pleated or lace model. Visually, this image looks very original and feminine.


Cropped sweaters are recommended to wear slender tall girls with different models of skirts. For example, a great combination with the classic "pencil" or even a mini. Flared models or a pack will look good.


A large-knit sweater with a voluminous silhouette will suit tall girls who do not hide their figure. Such models go well with maxi-length skirts, falling loose pleats, as well as midi-length products. It can be a flared model or a classic “pencil”.

Options when the skirt can be tucked into a sweater

It was considered a terrible oversight before tucking a sweater into a skirt, stylists condemned this behavior and called it bad taste. Now the times have changed, and a tucked under sweater under the belt has become a real trend. Fashion designers advise to fill thin sweaters under the skirt in full or in part . It looks fashionable and fresh, making the image original.

The combination of a skirt and a sweater is always very risky, but based on the generally accepted rules of the combination, you can create a unique and original image. In addition, stylish bows will be a great option for cold winter days.