How to wear a short down jacket

Down jackets are now the most popular outerwear among women. They not only give their owner a stylish bow, but also warms on cold and frosty days. In this article we will consider the features of a combination of a short women's down jacket with shoes, accessories and tell you how to look fashionable at any time of the year.

Features of a combination of a short down jacket

The main thing in the image is to correctly combine things with shoes and accessories. A short down jacket is a universal outerwear, it will suit both a business style and a sports one.

This model can be combined with a dress of any length, style and tight tights, skinny or straight jeans, trousers and leggings. Also, do not forget about the color palette of your onion, everything should look feminine and tasteful.

The color scheme of outerwear is limitless, and in universal tones, it is still customary to consider black, beige and brown shades. Jackets of such tones are suitable both for an image for every day, and for a festive event.

On a note!

Fur trim will add elegance to a down coat. Give preference to natural fur, then the bow will be not only practical, but also chic.

You can also complement the image with a scarf and a hat. Volumetric knitted hats, a hat with earflaps, a knitted beret and even a cap are now very relevant, which will perfectly harmonize with cropped outerwear.

Some tips from fashion experts:

  • a felt cap will fit a jacket with an open top;
  • for a sporty style, choose a knitted hat;
  • a cap with ear flaps will be an excellent warm accessory.

As for the scarf, it is better to use a knitted snood, which can also be used as a headdress or a long thin scarf.

How to wear a short women's down jacket in different seasons

Women's outerwear of this type is light and warm. There are many images for both winter and spring.

How to wear a lightweight short jacket

In the demi-season period, light short jackets only acquire relevance. Consider a few bows that stylists offer:

  1. A black down jacket with a white T-shirt, jeans, complemented by a bard hat and ankle boots will make your look bold.
  2. The short purple jacket goes well with a black sweater, jeans, a pink silk scarf and purple ankle boots. You can complement the image with sunglasses.
  3. The combination of a black down jacket and a gray sweater and a black and white check skirt, a voluminous scarf and low-heeled ankle boots is perfect for a casual look.
  4. For a bright look, a green down jacket on a belt in combination with a yellow sweater, ripped jeans, sneakers and a bag of this shade will be an excellent choice.
  5. For a casual look, short outerwear, a tank top, skinny pants, a bag and boots in black will look quite attractive.
  6. For a feminine look, pick a burgundy down jacket in combination with leather trousers, a black sweater, black boats and sunglasses.
  7. Outerwear of gray color with a dark T-shirt, leather leggings, black sneakers and a large bag will give ease to a bow.

What to wear with a warm short down jacket

A short jacket in cold weather is not a good choice, but still, most fair-haired women choose outerwear of exactly this length.

A few bows from stylists for the winter:

  1. A woolen sweater, straight pants, a knitted hat, a scarf and a warm jacket will add femininity and elegance to the image.
  2. Short outerwear of blue color, leggings, dutiks and a hat with a scarf will make the image unforgettably warm.
  3. For winter, a bow in a white down jacket with gray jeans, a black sweater, a hat and a bag of a dark shade is relevant.
  4. For every day you can choose a universal image: a blue jacket, jeans, an orange scarf, mittens and black boots.

Each female wants to look feminine in the cold season. Then you should make your choice in favor of a warm skirt or knitted dress, combining with tight tights and high heeled boots.

What shoes are suitable for a short down jacket

Shoes should be combined correctly with a short down coat; their color should be in harmony with the tone of outerwear. For jeans and trousers, it is worthwhile to choose short boots without heels, boots, ankle boots with and without heels, moon rovers, ugg boots, boots-boots or felt boots. And for a more feminine look, boots with heels are suitable.

Photo ideas: how to combine a short women's down jacket

The down jacket is the most popular outerwear for several years in a row. To make the bow stylish, you need to choose only relevant things. We will show clearly how and how to supplement the image in the cold season.