How to wear a short coat

A short women's coat is a must-have attribute in the wardrobe of every fashionista! For several years in a row, this model of outerwear has not left the collection of famous couturiers and world famous fashion designers. Only styles, silhouettes, and also color scale change.

Having bought a short coat, you can not worry about the fact that it will gather dust in the closet. In view of the versatility of this thing, it can be safely worn even for an everyday walk, even for a date taking place in a gourmet restaurant.

In this article, we will share with you the most relevant recommendations that will help to make a stylish and modern bow with a short coat. Adhering to the main rules, you are guaranteed to look perfect, capturing admiring glances to yourself, taking compliments.

What to combine with

A shortened model of an autumn coat is a universal thing that will definitely find its application. Warm fleece or lightweight-lightweight fleece - the choice of a suitable option should be based on the weather outside the window, and, of course, on your wishes!

Choosing a really stylish and beautiful combination to create a stunning bow with a short coat is not the most difficult task! It is only important to consider the following nuances:

  • Reason for creating an image.
  • Type of your figure.
  • Decide on the choice of colors.
  • Properly choose accessories.

Below we will analyze in detail each of the above cases.

By style and season

Would you like to create an everyday look in which you can go with friends to a cafe, a movie or take a walk around the city? In this case, bet on the basic attributes of the wardrobe - jeans or trousers, a cozy sweater or jumper, comfortable shoes in the form of sneakers or sneakers. To make the image more vivid and interesting, it can be supplemented with original accessories, for example, a scarf, a scarf, a creative bag or shoes.

Advice! Under a short coat, it is best to wear jeans and trousers that are tapered down. As an alternative, you can consider popular boyfriend jeans (photo).

If you are going on a date or a romantic walk with your loved one, charm him with your sophistication and femininity, wearing a dress or skirt with a jumper under a shortened coat. Depending on the weather outside, you can opt for maxi, midi or mini length models. As a shoe, you can choose almost anything except sneakers - they will look at least inappropriate in a romantic way! The best addition to this image can be:

  • Ankle boots.
  • Pumps
  • Tractor-soled boots.
  • Oxfords.
  • Treads

Remember that the main thing is your convenience. If you feel uncomfortable in high heels, then there is no point in putting them on a date, otherwise all the time spent with your loved one, you will only think about how to quickly come home and take off the hated shoes, even if such beautiful!

To create the image of a businesswoman, stylists recommend wearing a short coat with a business suit or formal office clothes - trousers, a blouse, a sheath dress. The coat will only emphasize restraint and severity of your image, make it more official.

Attention! If you do not want to seem too strict, then dilute the business image with accessories, for example, jewelry, a charming clutch bag with cartoon prints or bright shoes.

By type of figure

The long-legged skinny ones, of course, were very lucky - they can afford absolutely any silhouette and style. Whatever they choose, it will look very good. However, fashion designers still recommend slim girls to bet on certain models, in particular, those that emphasize the waist and hips. A great option can be a coat with a belt or flared down.

Girls with wide shoulders are not recommended to buy a coat with a voluminous decor in the upper torso. It is better to give preference to models that, on the contrary, are distinguished by massive decorations from below. Models that expand to the lower body are also suitable, which are presented in abundance in many stores.

Full women should opt for models of straight cut. You can even safely choose a coat according to the type of men. Contrary to popular belief, this will make the image softer. It is only important to supplement it with relevant accessories.

Important! Full girls are strongly not recommended to buy a coat that will fit the figure. At the same time, oversize models should not be preferred. You need to find your middle ground.

Color combinations

The fashionable world offers women a wide selection of combinations for every taste. Autumn is a time when the soul requires bright colors, so you can not buy a coat of the classic color palette, but rather rely on bright shades that will attract attention to your person.

The main trends of the coming season are considered combinations of red, yellow and turquoise, as well as dirty pink and swamp green. According to Pantone, the following colors will also be very popular this season:

  • Muted orange.
  • Deep blue.
  • Lilac.
  • Golden brown.
  • Copper.
  • Burgundy.

By combining these shades with each other, you can actually create a very fashionable and stylish bow.

Shoes & Accessories

Look for a short coat and complement harmoniously selected accessories and shoes. We have already said that for each occasion you need to choose your own particular style, and based on the style, select everything else.

Shortened models, in principle, go very well with everything: ankle boots, over the knee boots, boots, shoes, etc. The exception, perhaps, is made up of sports sneakers.

To make the image boring and to give it originality, you can supplement it not only with bags and clutches, but also with fashionable scarves, hats, hats or caps.

Errors in choosing

  1. Cheap stuff. Outerwear, as a rule, is bought for more than one season, so it is best not to skimp on the purchase of an expensive, but high-quality coat, which will definitely serve you and not lose its aesthetics.
  2. Size is larger or smaller. This is another most common mistake that fashionistas make when falling in love with a particular model. The cherished promises to herself about losing weight or wearing a coat only together with a voluminous sweater are usually immediately forgotten and, instead of a stylish image, it turns out to be a complete failure.
  3. Length. Here, everything is similar to the previous paragraph. Of course, it is possible to file, but are you sure that this will be done really high-quality? Boutiques and chain stores offer a lot of different options, among which you can definitely find the one that is right for you.