How to wear shoes a size larger?

Over time, the shoes can spread and become one size, and sometimes two sizes larger. This problem arose in almost every person. Sometimes a couple can be accidentally bought a size larger.

This happens during the sale, when the desired size is over, and I really liked the shoes. Often, children are bought "outgrowing" shoes, but sometimes it just becomes uncomfortable to walk in them. Is it worth buying shoes more in size, and what if the shoes become larger in size? We will examine in more detail in this article.

What to do if the footwear is spread, has become a size larger?

There are various methods that make shoes perfectly fit again . Let's consider them in more detail.


Socks are suitable only for winter and demi-season shoes . This is a great and comfortable way. It is especially relevant for the cold season. Some specially buy shoes a size larger to put on a couple more extra socks.

It is better to wear cotton socks, and on top warmer - woolen . Of course, this method is only suitable for boots and boots. But besides this, you can wear in this way any closed pair, sneakers, moccasins or loafers. If the weather is warmer, it is better to wear cotton socks so that your foot does not sweat.


To make it convenient and easy to walk, you can use a special gasket. It can be various materials: foam rubber, cotton wool, paper napkins, tape for sealing windows or other textures that will be conveniently inserted into the forefoot.

For a closed toe, this is a great method. It is suitable for both heels and ballet shoes. Another solid sole visually lengthens the leg. And due to the seal, the shoes will not look so big. This will even adjust the size of the legs.

Orthopedic insoles for sandals

Important! Over time, seal materials may lose their original effect. Therefore, you need to change them from time to time.


This option will be ideal for all models except open sandals . The insole will not only allow you to wear a pair in accordance with the size, but also help to adjust your posture. To do this, choose insoles larger than the size of the legs. Thus, the insole will occupy the interior of the shoes or boots, and they will not be so large. It is better to adjust the size by one or even two.

Foot liner

Also in shoe stores there are special accessories that are placed under the bend of the foot. This is a great option for stilettos and high-heeled shoes. The foot liner is also suitable for thin sole options. In addition, the tabs come in different shades, so you can choose the optimal color or opt for a transparent one.

Glue-based strips are commonly used when rubbing the heel . But even with their help it is possible to narrow the space inside the boots. When you feel that you are choking somewhere, you can safely stick strips.

Advice! Thus, you can glue all the shoes where necessary. This method is especially effective for boots or boots with a solid heel. But before constant wear, you need to test the product so that the strip does not rub heavily on the heel.


One of the difficult but effective methods. Before using it, you need to read the label and clarify how the shoes will respond to this kind of impact . The following steps need to be done. We take the shoes and dip it in the water.

Leather and suede pairs can be sprayed with a spray gun . Then the product should dry in air. You can take the couple to a balcony or terrace. And you can dry using a hairdryer, at high power.

Attention! It is not necessary to bring the electric device too close. Otherwise, you can quickly damage the surface.

As soon as the steam dries, put it on boldly. If the first time did not work, you can try again. It is also important to remember that this method can significantly reduce the size. Therefore, in order not to stay with smaller shoes, it is better to dry it directly on yourself . There is also a special conditioning solution for skin or suede . After drying, you can process the material with it. Such air conditioning can be purchased at any supermarket.

Reference! Of course, in any studio or repair shop will eliminate the problem of the large size of shoes or shoes. But it is worth solving this problem on your own, because there are many ways that do not require large expenses. The main thing is to find the time.

Chemical method

This method involves processing with a special spray or cream, which is produced by many manufacturers of leather goods.

The right choice of shoes is the key to foot health

It should be remembered that well-chosen shoes are not only comfort, but also human health. If the boots are uncomfortable to walk, this will directly affect the gait and posture. Improper posture is very stressful for the legs and spine. And as a result - the malfunctioning of the whole organism. In addition, with improperly selected shoes, the legs will get tired faster.

For long distances or traveling it is better to prepare the right pair in advance. But big shoes are still not recommended to be worn for long distances. This can provoke the formation of chafing and calluses, as the legs will feel quite free. It is important to create maximum comfort when walking. This will help save time, money and nerves.

We hope the article was helpful for reading. For each type of shoe there is a suitable method for solving the problem. The main thing is not afraid to experiment, and then any shoes can be worn with ease and much longer.