How to wear multiple necklaces

The fashion for multi-tiered jewelry in 2019 does not cease to strengthen its position. At the shows of world fashion houses, multi-tiered chandelier earrings, several bracelets on one wrist, different in width and the same in theme, were presented.

The neck jewelry did not pass this trend either. If earlier it was permissible to wear only a few rows of beads, then a couple of years ago and today it has become important to wear several chains around the neck. They can be different and the same in length or metal, with or without pendants. And indeed, chains are the trend of 2019. And how to wear them around the neck, we will describe below.

How to wear several chains on your neck at once

If you have 2-3 chains on your neck immediately, with and without pendants, fashionistas will surely appreciate this move. The main thing is that they are correctly combined with each other and fit into the whole image. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting the status of magpie, which decided to put all available goods on display.

IMPORTANT! The maximum number of neck ornaments that will look appropriate is 3-4. More suitable only for special thematic events.

Metal combination

The "Combine only one metal" rule has long been out of date. Today it is possible and necessary to combine gold with silver in jewelry and accessories.

Moreover, gold + silver is the trend of 2019, and perhaps it will last more than one season. Only there is one caveat, you need to skillfully combine. And in order not to reinvent the wheel, follow simple rules:

  • combine pendants and weaving similar in shape, maybe even 2 of the same jewelry in different metals;
  • Choose a finished jewelry with a combination of gold and silver.

Suspension material also plays a role. If you choose metal pendants, combine them with the same or complemented stones. If you want to combine 2 trends of 2019 at once - a multi-tiered jewelry and pearls, then combine the pearl pendant with either a simple chain or the same pearl. A combination of classic round pearls, droplets and a baroque version is acceptable.

How to combine thematically

An important rule is that the weaving and thickness of all chains in the composition should be as close as possible to each other.

The themes and shapes of pendants should overlap with each other - stars and a month, a square or a triangle, and so on.

IMPORTANT! The trend in jewelry is geometric shapes. It easily fits into neck accessories in the form of pendants and pendants.

How to combine in length

The ideal solution is 3 chains, each 5-10 cm longer than the previous one. As an option, put on the shortest chain without pendants and extra parts. For the second tier, take a chain with a small metal pendant, you can horizontal. And wear the longest model with a crystal or gem. This combination has become almost a classic multi-layered jewelry.

IMPORTANT! In 2019, chokers remain in fashion, but modified. Leather or fabric laces are not relevant. But the chain choker will look stylish, as the first tier of a combination or as an independent decoration.

Here is another option for combining the length of two jewelry. The first chain will be short and simple, the second elongated. At the same time, the elongated one is not just a long chain with a suspension. In the place where the pendant is attached, a small fragment of the chain is attached, and already at its end a pendant made of metal or crystals is attached.

Other options

In order not to puzzle over the right combination, you can buy a ready-made jewelry. This is a chain that has several pendants at different lengths. A bifurcated or unbroken chain, with or without small pendants, is a win-win option for lovers of layering.

For those who do not like to follow the rules - there are unusual, but relevant options for combining several chains:

  • necklace kolar or collar + chain 40-45 cm .;
  • Thin chain with massive 40 cm pendant + wide metal necklace longer than the chain. Alternatively, you can simply combine chains of different thicknesses, but one weave - from thin to thick.

Following the recommendations, you will look fashionable, but do not forget about the style. Choose only those combinations that suit your look, age and overall style.