How to wear a men's suit

“The secret to living in a big city is to always wear a suit, because in this case you can go to the toilet anywhere. Everyone will say, "Sir, good to see you again." Paul Feig. But the main thing is to buy the suit that sits well on the figure. Let's figure out what a man needs to pay attention to.

Signs of a perfect suit

If you decide to put on a suit, then first of all it is worth thinking about its cut. After all, it is the cut that makes the suit ideal for men . Try to pay attention to all the details of the costume. Do not forget about the material and colors.

How should the shirt sit

Initially, you need to pay attention to size, the shirt must be selected strictly according to the body . There should be no overhang of fabric on either the sleeves or the waist when tucking in trousers.

The collar must be fastened on the upper button without creating discomfort and without squeezing the neck.

Tip . If the shirt is your size, but the collar squeezes the neck, wear it without fastening the button, or pull off the collar with a tie. This will hide the unbuttoned button.

It is necessary that the sleeves of the shirt do not look like “culottes” from the time of Louis XIII. But at the same time they should not constrain movements.

The sleeve should end strictly at the wrist . However, he can not hide accessories such as watches, bracelets.

The shoulder seam should be on the highest line of the shoulder . Otherwise, it will create discomfort when moving the arm.

How trousers should sit

An important element of the suit is trousers. They come in high, low or medium waists. In order to understand what the model’s waist is, it is necessary to wear trousers so that the seam between the legs is extremely close to the body, but does not interfere with movement.

Fit must be chosen so that the back of the pants fit snugly on the body, but do not squeeze.

Next, consider the length of the trousers. Put on your pants and look at the arrows. If they lay down on shoes and at the same time create a gym, then they are at your time . If two or more creases, then it is worth finding a shorter one.

If after trying everything suits you, but the waist or length of the trousers is large, it should be attributed to the alteration.

Important! When walking from under trousers, socks should not be visible.

It should also be remembered that uneven arrows create the appearance of curving legs.

How should a jacket sit

The main element of the costume's elegance is a jacket. It is he who creates the overall picture with visual contact. Therefore, the choice of a jacket must be taken with full responsibility.

Always pay attention to the gate. The collar should not be high, otherwise it will close the collar from the shirt when you decide to sit down . This will affect the appearance. And also the collar should neatly fit around the neck, but not hinder head movements.

Next, look at the shoulders. The shoulder line of the jacket should match the line of your shoulders and end at the edge of the shoulder.

Among tailors there is such a word " armhole ", it means the width of the sleeve at the junction with the jacket. You should pay attention to its width. If it is too wide for your hands, it will create inconvenience when moving.

Now consider the length of the jacket . There are many opinions and particular rules about how long to choose a jacket. The correct length directly depends on the fit of the trousers.

If you wear high-waisted trousers, be aware that a men's jacket should completely hide your fifth point.

For a medium and low waist, a jacket is suitable that emphasizes the buttocks, but does not open them completely . It should cover only the upper part.

The question of the silhouette of the jacket is also important. With the wrong cut, you will seem square and chopped, with a greatly narrowed suit it will be just uncomfortable. Put on your jacket, lower your hands and look in the mirror.

If there is a space of 2-3 cm between the sleeves and the waist and the jacket does not press, then everything is correct. Try to fasten the top button of the jacket and put your hand in the inner pocket. The palm should be hard to clench. Do not forget about the length of the sleeve, cuffs of 1-2 cm should protrude from under it.

Useful Tips

  • Never put anything more in your inner pocket than a purse with payment cards, otherwise it will stand out.
  • You should not put coins in your trouser pocket; they ring when walking.
  • Shoes must be selected in dark colors, preferably from genuine leather, without a thick sole.
  • Place the silk scarf in the front pocket, but do not use it. Choose the color of the scarf distinguishable from a tie.
  • Always carry a simple scarf in your side pocket for use.