How to wear jewelry - three rules

All women love to decorate themselves, regardless of age and financial situation. Different times and fashion trends dictated different practices for the selection of jewelry. Properly selected rings and bracelets, earrings and brooches will give the appearance a certain charm, the wrong choice will expose the woman in an absurd form. To avoid such consequences, when choosing accessories, it is important to be guided by the following rules.

Rule 1: Keep the jewelry away from each other

When choosing jewelry for a particular outfit, it should be remembered that at the same time they can only be worn on two parts of the body. It is important that they are at a fairly large distance from each other.

At the same time you can wear jewelry:

  • around the neck and wrist;
  • in the ears and on the fingers;
  • at the waist and in the neckline.

If you prefer voluminous jewelry, then their beauty should be emphasized by an inconspicuous accessory. So, when choosing large earrings, you should abandon a necklace or necklace. Better to stay on a small, elegant chain. The image can be supplemented with a ring made in an interesting technique, or several rows of bracelets.

Rule 2: Combine Material and Texture Correctly

Modern fashion has long ceased to dictate strict rules for wearing jewelry. She welcomes the combination of styles and metals from which jewelry is made. Properly selected, they only emphasize the taste and unusual image of the owner.

Advice! If you decide to wear jewelry made of at least two metals, it is important that one of them prevails. In no case should the amount of jewelry be proportionate. The emphasis should be on one that will be the main one, and the second metal should only set off the overall image.

When choosing jewelry, you can not mix different styles.

Important! Shiny products must be worn separately from patina or vintage.

Rule 3: Be sure to consider proportions

To make jewelry investment a joy, it’s important to choose the ones that look good on you at the purchase stage. You need to be critical of your figure so that jewelry best emphasizes its merits.

For an elegant, fragile woman, jewelry is selected for fine, delicate work . A number of bulky bracelets on a thin hand will look just ridiculous.

Too large jewelry on a thin girl.

At the same time, a thin bracelet is not suitable for a chubby woman . It will not only not decorate, it will dissolve in a general way.

Advice! When buying jewelry, always select them according to your personality.

How to wear long beads:

Properly selected jewelry will be the highlight of your image and will give the woman a special charm.