How to wear a gray jacket

In everyday life, gray is considered to be inconspicuous, neutral. But a jacket of this color in the wardrobe is a unique thing. The neutral color allows you to “play” other colors in the image, does not go beyond the official strict dress code, but at the same time allows you to “smooth”, soften the image of both men and women.

Due to its color, a gray jacket looks equally successful both in a strict men's suit and with jeans and a T-shirt. And women can diversify them with almost any image - from a romantic flower dress to a strict pencil skirt and white blouse.

How to wear a man's gray jacket

Gray, like every other in the palette, has many shades. The most popular is the color of wet asphalt, graphite, light gray . Depending on the shade, the jacket can go well with brown jeans or blue strict trousers. In addition to the usual suits in gray tones, a separate men's jacket can be combined in this way:

  • With burgundy skinny jeans or chinos.
  • With blue jeans of any style - skinny, casual.
  • With brown dress pants.
  • With tobacco-colored chinos.
  • With black pants of any style and jeans.
  • With black shorts.

In order not to spoil the image with the wrong color of a shirt or polo shirt, you should follow some rules:

  • The jacket certainly fits perfectly with a white shirt.
  • A shirt with a red-white checkered shirt looks fresh and unusual.
  • A classic gray shirt with a vertical strip is another element of the basic office style.
  • A gray jacket with shirts or pink shirts is successfully combined.
  • A blue shirt, a light sweater or a T-shirt of the same color will perfectly complement the look.

ATTENTION: When choosing a set of clothes, it is important to pay attention to the shades of the whole image. The gray color is in itself calm, as if invisible, so some other part of the image must be active.

Trousers of dark colors with a light top will be successful, or, as an active element, a shirt can act (photo).

How to wear a gray blazer

A stylish, austere and elegant female gray jacket should be in the wardrobe of any girl. This item of clothing can look good not only in a working dress code and office style, but also will refresh the everyday look and even the outfit. The main thing is to successfully combine the style of the jacket and its shades.

Model dependent

Having caught the relevance of gray jackets in the women's wardrobe, designers all over the world rushed to diversify them. You can find models of elongated style, shortened or in a free cut. To create a beautiful image, it is worth learning how to combine each of the types of models with different clothes.


Elongated gray jackets, as a rule, have a length up to the middle of the thigh or to the knees. Such a style perfectly hides the excess in this part of the figure, so this model will be very relevant for women with rounded hips. It is noteworthy that the style looks great on girls with a chiseled figure.

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended not to choose extra long jackets for girls of small stature.

You can combine this style of jackets like this:

  • With light dresses or skirts with a free cut.
  • With a strict pencil skirt and shirt.
  • With black trousers or jeans and a black top.
  • With blue and blue jeans and a bright shirt.
  • With shorts or short overalls.

TIP: As fashionable tricks when wearing a gray elongated jacket, you can twist the sleeves to the elbows, give the image accents with scarves, bracelets, and a handbag.

If there is a waist that you want to emphasize, you can use a belt in the image.


A short jacket can be safely considered a universal part of the wardrobe. It is suitable for any type of figure and height, looks great with almost any style and always "collects" the image. Some of the most successful combinations:

  • Skinny jeans of any color and a T-shirt or print shirt.
  • Strict sheath dress office style.
  • Pencil skirt and light shirt.
  • Black jumpsuit.
  • Black pants and a pink blouse.
  • Gray dress pants and a white blouse.
  • White pants and a white top.

It is also noteworthy that a short jacket can be worn over an evening dress, especially if it is made in pink, beige or purple.

Depending on the tone and pattern

In addition to style, models differ in shades and patterns. As a rule, gray jackets can have a pattern in a cage, strip, crow's feet. In shades of color, too, there is a certain variety, and its nuances of compatibility.

Light gray

The model of light gray dictates a combination in the image of the same light and calm colors, pastel shades. It can be cream, peach, blue, and purple blouses. At the same time, it is better to leave the lower part of the image dark - otherwise the clothes will merge without leaving a bright, active color.

Dark grey

You can use a dark gray jacket with more saturated colors - yellow, fuchsia, turquoise, coral. Due to the proximity of color to black, a jacket in this shade is ideal for an office style and is often chosen for a casual look - it is not as strict as a black jacket, but at the same time - the style is followed. Despite the strict nature of the dark gray jackets, it is they who allow the use of bright accessories, bags, scarves.

Into the cage

Considering that this color is extremely neutral in itself, it perfectly transfers various prints. They add a certain uniqueness to the jacket and sometimes attract the main attention. The most popular print is the cage.

The cage on the jacket can be large or small, made in a single color or combined. When choosing the whole image in which it is planned to use a jacket in a cage, it is important to remember some nuances:

  • If in other clothes, in addition to a jacket, there is a checkered print, the size of the cells should be the same everywhere.
  • A large square on the jacket is able to visually increase the volume of the figure, so it is better to choose a print in relation to its own proportions.
  • If the print is made in a combined color, a blouse or skirt that matches one of the shades of the cage is ideal. Most often, the cell on gray jackets is black and pink.
  • Gray checked models go well with brown trousers of any style - this creates a British style of the 20th century.


The prints on the jacket can be different - floral, with “crow's feet”, but the stripe is classic. many things for basic images have a vertical strip. So a gray jacket can be decorated with a shallow or wide strip. A small striped print will be relevant for more austere looks - with classic trousers, blouses, tight skirts or dresses.

TIP: A gray jacket with a large, wide strip will help to stand out and decorate a casual wardrobe.

This thing goes well with jeans, shorts, leggings. Depending on the color of the strip, basic clothing is chosen for the jacket - it can be the same color as the stripes of the print, or another, well combined.

Regardless of the shade, style or print of a gray jacket that you like, such a thing can be purchased by every woman. In any wardrobe there are sets that ideally “fit” with a gray jacket.