How to wear a beret so as not to look like Katya Pushkareva?

Do you like berets? Agree, there is something charming in them! Beret is a headpiece that has been associated with sophistication and French charm for many years. The instability and rapidly changing fashion trends of recent years made us think that this accessory will soon leave women’s wardrobes for good. But thanks to the collections of some designers in the coming season, berets are again at the peak of popularity .

What berets are in fashion in the fall of 2019

The berets presented in the 2019-2020 design collections strive for simplicity and minimalism . The absence of unnecessary details does not make the headpiece boring, but, on the contrary, adds an image of elegance and style.

A variety of fashionable styles, textures and color palettes allows women of any type of appearance to choose the right model for themselves.


Among the rich autumn palette presented in fashion collections, it is worth noting the already loved warm and deep shades of brown, green and gray: emerald, ash gray, beige, walnut, deep gray, mustard.

But the place of honor this season is classic black .

Reference. The versatility of black makes it suitable for any style and occasion.

An evening or day look can be safely completed with a black dress made of leather, felt or natural wool. This accessory will fit perfectly into a sporty, romantic, business style. And bold combinations will only give an image of originality.

Berets of pastel and muted tones do not lose their relevance. Combinations with such a headdress will make the image romantic and add European charm to it.


No less diverse are the materials from which today berets are sewn. The most daring models are presented in leather, velveteen, fur or velvet.

One of the main trends this fall has become fur models. As an ideal texture that meets the requirements of fashion trends, designers call models from short-cut smooth faux fur . It doesn’t matter what color and style it is. The main thing is to keep in shape and emphasize the softness and warmth of the image.

Classic models made of soft wool, felt and cashmere are still at the peak of popularity. In this case, the material does not need to be selected for the rest of the ensemble.

Important! This fall, a slight deviation from the accepted canons is allowed, and the headgear is considered a self-sufficient detail.

A competent combination and skillfully selected texture will make the image trendy.


The styles of fashionable autumn berets are also represented quite varied. These are miniature tablet-shaped hats, classic woolen models, and even voluminous items tailored to the type of large hats that are worn simultaneously on the back of the head and forehead.

How to wear a beret

Each woman has a unique appearance. What fits one can look funny and ridiculous on the other. Therefore, it is very important to choose a model that emphasizes the advantages and hides the flaws.

How to choose according to face type

To choose the perfect headgear, you should consider the shape of the face. It is customary to distinguish four main groups.

Oval face

It has a slightly elongated shape with rounded corners and neat chin and frontal features.

For this type of appearance, various models are suitable: voluminous, small, classic. In this case, the choice is a matter of taste. It remains only to choose the right color that emphasizes the color of the eyes and hair.

Round face

It differs in equal proportions with rounded lines. The ideal solution for such women will be small, voluminous models .

Wearing a beret is asymmetrical, but do not push it over the forehead. At the same time, remove the hair on the opposite side to achieve visual lengthening of the round face.

Rectangular face

This type is characterized by elongation of the face with equal proportions of the forehead and chin. Women of this type should choose products that allow you to hide your forehead and brighten up oblong facial features .

Volumetric berets and models with a visor will look good.

Square face

Owners of a square type of face are characterized by a wide pronounced chin, voluminous clearly defined cheekbones and a fairly wide forehead.

In this case, the main task will be to visually lengthen the shape of the head and soften facial features. Preference should be given to classic models or products with a small visor . Do not close your forehead. The beret will sit perfectly on a square face if worn on the top of his head.

How to wear a beret to look attractive

Wearing berets is not only taking into account the shape of the face, but also hairstyles, eye color and the overall style of the image. It can be models of various color shades and styles. The main thing is to adhere to certain rules that will help make the right choice and create an attractive image.

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is the distance between the eyebrows and the edges of the beret . Ideally, this distance should not be less than two centimeters for any style;
  • With an asymmetric sock, you should half cover your ears with a beret. If one ear is completely hidden, and the second is bare, you get a comedic look that ruins even the most elegant look;
  • To achieve harmony in the proportions of the face, you should choose classic berets and wear them asymmetrically, covering most of the forehead;
  • Volumetric hats, shifted to the back of the head, will help ensure proportionality to facial features in relation to the rest of the head;
  • Hats, matched to the color of the eyes and shifted to one side, emphasize the expressiveness of the look.

What to wear with a beret in the fall of 2019

To stay at the peak of popularity this fall, play with color shades .


Add colors to the warm autumn bow.

Tip. In this case, products of black, white, gray, blue and beige shades can act as clothes-stalls.

Create interesting bows according to the case.

  • A black leather jacket with jeans and a red beret will look great on a walk.
  • For a more formal outing, a set of a black coat, high leather boots and a bright red headdress will be an ideal option.

The black

As mentioned above, black models are considered the most trendy this season .

At the same time, the versatility of color allows you to create a variety of bows. It can be a monochrome image or contrasting combinations, the main thing is that the kit matches the occasion.

Play with textures: black leather beret will perfectly complement a set of soft woolen skirt and beige sweater .


To add romance and charm to the look, combine a large knit voluminous hat with everyday wardrobe items: a suede or wool coat, a leather or tweed jacket, a leather jacket and a fur vest .

Models from angora or cashmere in pastel colors combined with rich shades of a coat to the floor will look worthy and expensive this fall.

Important! To create a stylish image, berets can be worn not only with outerwear. A dress or trouser suit matching the headdress this fall will create a fashionable bow.

It’s not for nothing that he gained a reputation as a French accessory. With this headgear you can create trendy elegant outfits suitable for different occasions. A European charm will help to give the image of mystery and nobility.