How to wear a belt

Every detail of the wardrobe needs the right choice and wearing. This is necessary to create a harmonious image. The same requirements apply to the belt. It would seem that the accessory is barely perceptible in size, however, it can completely change the impression of clothes and the person as a whole.

How to wear a belt

For the stronger sex, the belt is often an element of the dress code. It is impossible to imagine a modern specialist of any institution or businessman walking in trousers without support. The accessory gives the image a status, smartness, completeness. Its functionality also benefits, allowing you to move freely in wide, not fitted pants. It is one thing to wear a belt, another to do it right.

Models for women are so diverse that they can simply be envied. Apart from the traditional tandem with outerwear, today belts are relevant when wearing trousers, dresses, suits, sweaters and even swimwear. The main task of the women's accessory is to emphasize the attractive silhouette shapes, to give the image elegance, high style and femininity.

Important! Here, the main thing is not to overdo it with the size and finish. It is important to know that in some cases the belt is generally inappropriate. The main condition is the presence of a waist (even full girls can have it).

How to wear a men's belt - the rules

  1. For strict classic trousers, shirts, it is important to choose a belt of medium width, with an acceptable shade. If you want to create the image of a business and successful person, it is important to wear a neatly stitched model made of genuine leather with a traditional buckle shape.
  2. More freedom for design choice is given to young people who prefer a sporty style or casual. However, here, too, you need to know a sense of proportion - to focus on color, thickness, number of decorations.
  3. If the guy is large, then the belt should be appropriate. Artistic people are advised to choose narrow models. Exceptions are instances offered to outerwear, here the sizes will depend on the design of the style.

Important! In no case should you tighten your belt tightly, because it can upset your digestion, cause discomfort, even a headache. This problem is especially true for men who have a beer belly. If possible, it is better to replace the belt with suspenders.

How to fasten a belt

  1. It is necessary to choose a belt by size. To do this, it is enough to make sure that the buckle converges on the second, third, maximum fourth hole. A variant looks ugly when, when put on, it has too long or short tail. And the convenience of this is not enough.
  2. Men need to fasten the belt so that the buckle is on the left side and the end is on the right.
  3. Women tuck it in the reverse order - the buckle should be on the right.
  4. If clothes are provided for loops, then it is worth using them for threading, but not like a company label.

How to wear a belt for women

  • Owners of wide hips should choose an easy option with a thin width. The tightened waist belt at the pear-shaped ladies will make the lower body even more massive.
  • It is better for girls with small breasts and flat hips to choose a thin belt with trapezoid dresses, suits directly under the breast. It will visually enlarge the bust, expand the pelvis and lengthen the legs.
  • A massive buckle on the hips (for example, with jeans) will divert attention from a small tummy.

Important! Full girls will also like dress design with a wide belt at a high waist with a flat buckle or a tie. They should not choose models that have horizontal stripes.

It is important for men and women to choose belts to match with other accessories. Together they will create a single ensemble, pleasing to the eye.