How to wash terry towels

Terry cloth is always popular in the manufacture of bath towels. However, during operation, this material often loses its original splendor, becomes rough and unpleasant to the touch. In order for terry towels to maintain a fluffy structure for a long time and remain pleasant to the body, a number of important rules must be observed. They relate to the care of this type of textile.

Rules for washing terry towels

Consider the main stages and important points of washing bath products. This will wash the product correctly.

Water mode and temperature

Washing towels requires the most delicate approach. The result also depends on what kind of water the housewives use.

Before hand washing, it is recommended to pre-soak them for half an hour in warm water, adding a little salt or soda to it (1-2 tablespoons per basin).

After the specified time, wash the towels with whipping movements. It is not recommended to rub the fabric strongly, twist and squeeze it. This will cause the fibers of the material to “stick together”, in connection with which the product will become coarse and lose its airiness.

IMPORTANT! The fibers of the terry cloth absorb the detergents well, so it is recommended to carry out at least three rinses.

For machine washing of terry towels, it is necessary to choose a standard or delicate mode with a low water temperature (40-60 C). It is not recommended to load the drum of the machine heavily. With a sufficient amount of free space, the fabric will remain fluffy, and the detergent will be thoroughly flushed out of the fibers.

Use of detergents

An important rule for the care of terry cloth is a competent choice of detergents. So, it is strongly not recommended to use loose detergents and conditioners . They have a negative effect on the tissue and poorly washed from the fibers. In this case , it is better to stop the choice with liquid washing powder, a delicate gel or other gentle liquid consistency.

IMPORTANT! A simple laundry soap is often used as a detergent for terry towels. It removes dirt well, keeping the fibers of the terry cloth fluffy and soft.

The use of improvised tools

In addition to a competent choice of laundry detergents and compliance with the rules for caring for home textiles, an important rule for maintaining the softness and appearance of mahr is to use soft water during washing. If tap water has a high hardness, it can be softened in different ways.

  • Filter Installation of a special softening filter will save water from unnecessary impurities that adversely affect the fabric : lime, rust, scale.
  • Salt Dissolving a small amount of salt in the water will also make it softer . In household chemical stores you can find special salt for machine wash.
  • Vinegar Adding a small amount of table vinegar to the washing machine's air conditioning compartment will not only help soften the water, but also gently whiten the laundry .
  • Soda Adding soda to the tray of the washing machine will keep the laundry soft . It is acceptable to combine soda and vinegar to achieve maximum effect.
  • Citric acid It will help to cope with complex dirt and stains. After soaping and rinsing the problem area, the fabric is abundantly sprinkled with citric acid and left for 5 minutes. After exposure, the product is washed and rinsed. If acid is not at hand, you can use lemon. It is squeezed so that the juice hits the stain.

TIP! Special balls for washing down jackets, which can be purchased at hardware stores, will help to keep the terry fluffy fabric.

These products are placed in the drum of the washing machine and gently beat the fibers of the fabric, preventing them from sticking together during washing and spinning.

How to return the appearance of washed towels

If the textile has already lost its softness and color saturation, do not despair. There are a number of ways to reanimate washed towels.


One of the main assistants in the restoration of terry tissue is salt. To do this, dissolve 3 tablespoons of salt in a basin of warm water and soak towels in it for 30 minutes. After this time, wash the products in the usual way with delicate detergents.


Ammonia will allow you to restore the saturated colors of the fabric, get rid of the gray shade and stubborn stains. So, add 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of ammonia to 1 liter of water at room temperature. Leave the textile soaked in this solution overnight, then wash and rinse thoroughly.

IMPORTANT! The use of synthetic bleach on fleecy fabrics is strongly discouraged! This can lead to coarsening of the fibers and deformation of the product.

To keep the terry towel soft

Proper selection of detergents and following the rules for washing and spinning terry products are not the key to maintaining the softness and appearance of towels. An additional important condition is the observance of important recommendations for drying, ironing and storage of this type of textile.

  • After washing, it is best to hang the laundry on the street or in a well-ventilated area . This nourishes the fibers with oxygen, giving them extra volume.
  • Before hanging to dry, it is recommended to shake each item thoroughly. Then the villi will straighten out and become fluffy.
  • Do not dry terry products on hot batteries and electrical appliances, as well as in rooms with dry air. This will make the fabric coarse.
  • Terry cloth does not need to be ironed carefully . If necessary, heat treatment is better to use vertical steaming.