How to wash pants

An integral element of the wardrobe of a modern person is men's and women's trousers. Convenience, beauty, rigor - these are some of the qualities, for which we value this type of clothing.

However, in order to look perfect, trousers need proper care. You can give them dry cleaning, but this pleasure is not cheap.

Let's try to cope on our own!

To get started, carefully examine the label on your clothes. The correct instructions for caring for the item are given there.

  • When washing is crossed out, this means that wet care is prohibited for this fabric . Only dry wash using products suitable for this method.
  • The sign of the set temperature gives a hint how many degrees water should have when washing.
  • The sign “hand and dish” allows washing only with hands .

So let's start with this type of washing.

How to wash your pants manually

It is important to know the rules of washing, so as not to spoil the thing. One of the most gentle methods is handwashing. Let's give some tips on proper care.

  1. Do not keep things in the laundry basket for a long time, otherwise the stains will be more difficult to clean.
  2. Pre-soaking will allow faster cleaning of contaminants.
  3. Check the pockets, take out all the forgotten objects.
  4. Fasten the product with zipper and buttons . Then lay out the trousers in the bath, straighten the arrows and moisten with water.
  5. Sprinkle with detergent or rub the legs with toilet soap.
  6. With a clothes brush, go through the trousers, paying special attention to contaminated places.
  7. Let the product lie in soapy water, this will improve the reaction of splitting fat stains.
  8. Then rinse them thoroughly .
  9. Hang clothes on a hanger . Spread the folds and arrows. Such washing of suit trousers is considered gentle and effective.
  10. Do not wait for complete drying, the wet thing will be much easier and better to iron .

IMPORTANT! Trousers with arrows cannot be pushed out and twisted! Otherwise, creases and crumpled places for things are provided to you.

Washing trousers in a car

For hand and machine wash, it is important to know all the nuances of care. And also choose the correct washing mode. Read the recommendations carefully.

IMPORTANT! Suit trousers are washed in the “manual” or “delicate” washing mode.

  1. Fold the pants by connecting the arrows . Roll them up a few times.
  2. Put carefully in a special bag .
  3. Set the machine to delicate mode .
  4. Drying the product in the machine is not recommended .
  5. Remove from the drum, hang the trousers on the shoulders, let the water drain.
  6. Then hang the item in a ventilated area.

Features of washing trousers from different materials

Be sure to consider the composition of the material . Indeed, for each type of fabric needs its own care.

Wool pants

  • Water temperature should not be higher than 40 ° С.
  • Set the washing machine to the “Delicate” washing mode .
  • Spin at minimum speed .
  • It is good to use liquid products, since powder ones can leave streaks.
  • Dry unfolded on a large terry towel or hang on a special hanger.

Velvet pants

Before washing, be sure to turn the trousers inside out, so you will protect the fabric from damage.


  • It is advisable to carry out the procedure with your hands and a soft brush .
  • Fold your trousers in the bathtub and rub the dirty places with a little washing powder.
  • Then brush around the entire perimeter of the product.

In car

You can wash the velveteen product in the machine.

  • Set the Hand Wash mode .
  • Water should be cool, up to 40 ° C.
  • It is advisable not to squeeze, but to allow water to naturally drain from the material.
  • Dry unfolded or in a special dryer.

IMPORTANT! In no case do not hang a thing on a regular clothesline. It will be very difficult to smooth out a trace from it in the future!

Linen trousers

  • Pants made of this material can withstand high temperatures.
  • When washing and rinsing, do not allow a sharp change in water temperature. The material may be deformed or, as they say, “sit down”.
  • Since this fabric is quite durable and flax is worn jammed, decide on drying yourself.

Leather pants

Carefully read the manufacturer’s product care tips .


If the label has the sign “allowed to wash”, it is better to do it manually.

  • Soak a thing in cool water.
  • Using a soft brush, gently rub the contaminated area with a small amount of soap and water.
  • Rinse the pants thoroughly, then gently shake .
  • When water drains, take the item to the balcony to dry.

Machine wash

If the manufacturer allows washing in an automatic machine, adhere to the following rules.

  • Use only gentle mode .
  • Water temperature should not exceed 30–40 ° С.
  • The modes "Spin" and "Drying" are not recommended .

IMPORTANT! Leather items are washed one at a time, even if things are the same color, combining them is not recommended.

How to remove stains from trousers during washing

For each type of fabric and stain, there are various methods that will allow you to properly process the material and eliminate pollution.

IMPORTANT! Most stains can be easily removed with a regular soap wash.

With wool

It is very difficult to remove dirt on a woolen fabric, as the material is moody. Therefore, cleaning your pants should be delicate.

  • Remove dirt from the edges of the stain, moving towards the middle so that the stain does not increase.
  • Before using this or that tool, conduct a test . Apply a small amount of mortar to the wrong side or inside seam. This way you test the effect of stain remover on the fabric.
  • The stains that remain from the fat are removed with tooth powder or potato starch . A white fabric is treated with hydrogen peroxide . Apply, give exposure time, rinse under running water. The procedure can be repeated if necessary.
  • Chocolate stains can be easily removed if the pants are washed in a solution of salt .
  • Oil paint stains are wiped off with gasoline . Moisten a cotton pad and place on a contaminated area. The paint softens and is easy to wipe off.
  • Drops of blood should be washed immediately. Use only cool water. You can rub blood with household soap . Let it soak and then wash thoroughly. Rinse well.

With velveteen

  • Pre- turn the thing inside out .
  • Greasy contaminants are removed using dishwashing liquid .
  • Use a soft brush or sponge . Apply the product evenly on the stain. Wipe with delicate movements.
  • Then wash your pants in soapy, warm water .
  • When wringing, do not twist the fabric.

With linen fabric

Linen material is durable and easily perceives many stain-removing products .

IMPORTANT! Never use bleach, they destroy the fabric!

  • A grease stain is sprinkled with dry talcum powder or chalk powder . Allow time to lie down so that the fat is absorbed.
  • The sweat will be removed with a solution of salt with ammonia (one spoon per glass of water). Moisten contamination, wait a little and rinse thoroughly.
  • Traces of blood are fixed on the fabric when heated, so wash only in cold water using laundry soap.

With skin

Leather trousers require special care. If possible, it is better to take them to dry cleaning . However, you can try to cope on your own.

  • Many stains can be removed with ordinary soapy water. Just wipe them with dirt. Then rinse the soap thoroughly so that it does not remain a divorce.
  • Greasy drops are washed off with glycerin soap .
  • Paint stains can be cleaned with solvent .
  • Unpleasant stains wipe with a cloth that needs to be moistened with food vinegar.
  • Lemon juice will help restore the sheen of the leather surface. Another way: just wipe a slice of citrus.

How to remove spots from the corrector

Schoolchildren and office workers use a corrector, a drop of which can spoil the appearance of trousers. We will immediately give a positive answer to the question of whether such a stain can be removed at home. To wipe off the putty is quite problematic, but possible.

  • In no case do not rub the stain on the trousers, as you will stain a large surface of the material.
  • If the stain is left with a water-based corrector , the pollution can simply be removed . Soak your pants in cold water and add soap. After washing: in a typewriter or hands, according to the type of fabric.
  • Got an alcohol-based touch ? Take cologne or vodka . Dampen a cotton swab with a product. Apply to stain, rub gently, then rinse.

Useful Tips for Trouser Care

  • If the pants cannot be washed, but there is a need to refresh their appearance, then you need to prepare a special solution . In a glass of water, dilute one teaspoon of ammonia and medical alcohol . Moisten the brush in this composition and rub the trousers. Then iron them until dry through cheesecloth.
  • So that after washing the trousers with arrows retained a high-quality appearance, coat the arrows with soap on the wrong side . Then, iron them through the linen fabric so that there are no glossy spots from the iron.
  • Chewing gum or stains from it are removed with the help of cold . Put the item in the freezer. Or rub an adhered gum with an ice cube. Then it is easy to unfasten the frozen toffee from the fabric, it will crumble into small pieces. Then iron the place through paper towels. Change them if necessary.
  • If you decided to wash the trousers from the suit by hand, the best way is to put them in the bath, moisten. Use a liquid remedy.

Tip : Use hair shampoo. And there will be no divorces, and they will smell wonderful!

  • Using a soft brush, go to places of special pollution : lower gates, groin, belt, pockets and lower case seams.
  • Rinse thoroughly using an air conditioner. This will soften the fabric when it dries.

    Let the water drain by hanging the clothes on a special hanger. Then dry in the open.

If you know all these small nuances, then it will not be difficult for you to take care of your trousers and look neat. After all, this, as you understand, is not so difficult.

We hope you were helpful!