How to stretch a shoe with potatoes and eliminate the smell in it

Comfortable high-quality shoes are very important for a person. We don’t think about it much, but only until there are problems with the health of the legs. A good couple can do without it. Therefore, they take care of her, she is carefully looked after. And if the shoes really like, but rub? Or did you suddenly notice an unpleasant odor? Do not abandon the purchased model! There is a simple and affordable way to get rid of the problem. And ordinary potatoes will help us.

How potatoes can solve shoe problems

If you have problems with shoes or boots, you need to deal with them right away! But this does not mean that you have to buy expensive care products or stretch marks. Leather shoes lend themselves perfectly to ordinary potatoes. What can root vegetables do? A lot!

Stretch shoes

Models, the production of which is put on stream, are made according to universal patterns. The averaged parameters are not able to take into account all the individual features of the foot. Often, inconvenience is detected after the purchase, and such an occasion is not considered the basis for replacing the pair. The result is corns.

You can, of course, buy a pair one size larger. And some do this, hoping to get rid of the problem. But at the same time get another. From a mismatch in the length of the shoes, they begin to slam when walking, flying off the heel.

Important! Due to the moisture contained in the root crop, potatoes can stretch the toe of the shoe.

This becomes a real salvation for women experiencing discomfort from deformed finger joints. But this is not limited to the potato.

Getting rid of the smell

Even careful leaving does not save shoes from an unpleasant smell appearing over time. Unfortunately, this is subject to any pair, regardless of the material.

Constantly wash the inner surface does not work. Flavors and deodorants mask the odor without solving the main problem. And sometimes a mixture of aromas gives an effect not inferior to a spray with tear gas.

There can be several reasons for the appearance of a smell . Leading is excessive sweating of the feet, fungal diseases, insufficient drying between wears, soiled insoles, which have become an environment for the development of bacteria and molds.

What did the hostesses not try in the fight against these smells! Soda and peroxide, vinegar, ammonia, etc. are used.

But if there is no time for sophisticated methods or there are fears that these substances may damage the material of shoes or shoes, it is worth remembering about potatoes. She has an important ability to remove bad breath from shoes.

How to use potatoes

Using the folk method is simple.

What shoes can I use potatoes for

The material of your shoes matters if you decide to use potatoes to solve shoe problems.

Important! This method works best on leather models. Shoes from nubuck, dermatin, ecoskin are much worse. For light cloth species, the procedure is almost useless. To stretch the shoes, we act in the following order.

Action algorithm

  • Pick the right potatoes: one for each shoe. Pay attention to the size of root crops . They should fit in a toe of shoes, but they should not be too spacious.
  • Raw potatoes need to be peeled and wrapped in a non-woven cloth or a thin layer of paper.
  • Wrapped potatoes are tightly driven into the toe of shoes.
  • In this form, the shoes are left for some time, preferably at night. During this time, potato juice will soften the skin, slightly sipping it to the sides, and the tuber will not allow the material to return to its previous form.

Are your shoes shaking? Do not torture yourself! Start peeling potatoes!