How to smooth a leatherette jacket?

When one season replaces another, many of us put warm clothes in the far corner of the closet. Stacked on shelves, tamped, which leads to the appearance of folds, creases and visible traces of storage on outer clothing.

But as soon as the wind blows and becomes cooler, they release their favorite things from imprisonment, rumpled and untidy.

It is possible to quickly solve this problem realistically, using several methods, using the improvised means that every housewife will find in the house. Similar methods and step-by-step instructions will be given in the article below.

Correctly smoothing a jacket, coat or bag made of leatherette - this means to extend their service life and protect themselves from additional cash costs. Genuine leather items are more expensive and more capricious in care and wear, and a skin substitute is less and more durable, therefore, it enjoys well-deserved popularity.

Methods for properly ironing a leatherette jacket

After the item is taken out, just hang it on your shoulders. Give her the opportunity to crack down on her own, without your help.

If in a few days the folds and creases on the jacket made of leatherette have not parted, then you should go to more drastic measures - to influence the temperature or hot steam.


Using this method, the main condition will be compliance with the temperature (not higher than 30 degrees), turning off the steam function on the iron, minimal pressure on the device and ironing things turned inside out.

It should also be understood that with improper actions, the jacket can be irreparably damaged. Actions should be clear, accurate and phased:

  • On the iron, set the mode of delicate ironing, remove the steam function. To avoid deformation of the skin under the influence of heat, check the correct temperature, with the tip of the sole of the iron, on the wrong side of the thing, where it is not visible.
  • Turn the jacket lining up. First, straighten visible bumps with your hands.
  • Lay a piece of smooth, cotton cloth that is in contact with the leatherette, as under the influence of temperature, adhesion can occur. Be sure to do this when the lining material is thin or missing.
  • Turn back.

Hang it on a hanger, adding volume using filler from disposable bags or tows of towels. Another option is to put on an ironed jacket and walk in it for about an hour so that she remembers the outlines of your body.


More gentle and safe way. In order for everything to work out in the best way, you need to do the following:

  1. Find soft, suitable-sized shoulders, twist the rolls of terry towels and insert them into the sleeves.
  2. For the process, a steamer or iron is taken (set the vertical steaming mode).
  3. We process small areas at a distance of 10-15 cm from the thing.
  4. We act for 5-10 seconds, in those places where there are bumps.
  5. Leave alone for 30 minutes.

Important! To avoid fingerprints on the product, avoid contact with the skin during steaming.

Hair Dryer - Hot Air Ironing

If you are afraid to use an iron and there is no steamer, take a hair dryer to help.

Additionally, for the procedure, prepare a wet handkerchief or piece of cloth, a blanket.

  • Fold a blanket, put in a jacket.
  • Place the hot air from the hair dryer, cover with a piece of cloth.
  • Turn on high mode. Blow a jacket, keeping at a distance of 20 cm.
  • Leave the thing to cool.
  • Try again if not all places are smooth.

How to smooth a leatherette jacket: Popular ways

Everything that is invented by the people is brilliant and simple! There are several such methods and they all work for the desired result.

Methods and actions:

  1. Walk in the drizzling rain. When it is rainy and foggy on the street, you have 30-40 minutes of free time, go for a walk. Drops from the sky will moisturize the skin of the product, and body heat will warm it. It will look like a greenhouse effect, which will contribute to the natural straightening of flaws.
  2. Sprayer with warm water. Turn the thing inside out, walk with a damp sponge or spray from the spray bottle. Keep your jacket moist but not wet. Avoid drafts. Estimated drying time is 12 hours.
  3. Sauna. Pour hot water into the bathtub. Bring a jacket over it and close the room for several hours. Warm, humid air easily spreads wrinkled places.

  4. Glycerin or shoe polish. Wipe the skin with a cloth dampened with a product. Leave to dry. Thanks to glycerin, leatherette straightens and gains shine. The colorless shoe cream gives the same effect.
  5. Vinegar and hair conditioner. Mix in equal proportions 9% table vinegar, conditioner and water. Apply composition. After drying, the pungent smell of vinegar will disappear.

Attention! Use the cooked product on the back of the jacket to avoid possible unpleasant surprises.

How to properly care for a leatherette jacket: Tips

When the jacket has lost its neat appearance, got dirty and rubbed, it needs to be washed, removed and stained. In order not to spoil the thing completely, carefully study the legend on the jacket label.

From it you will understand whether it is possible to iron the jacket, at what temperature to wash it, the permitted detergents. If you cannot wash, treat the dirt with a mild vinegar solution or detergent. Moisten a sponge and go around the jacket, then wipe dry.

In the event that hand washing is allowed, it is impossible to soak the product from leatherette, as it is saturated with water and will lose its shape forever. Pour warm water into a basin, add liquid detergent, lower the product, rub lightly. When rinsing, change the water several times. It is impossible to wring out intensively. Then you need to hang on the shoulders and wait for the natural drying.

If washing in the washing machine is possible, set the temperature to 30 degrees and turn off the spin.

It is possible that after cleaning, scuffs will appear on the surface. Do not be upset about this. They are painted over with a special paint for faux leather clothing.

Love and care for your things and they will last you a long time!