How to save on buying branded clothing

Still, branded things are special! Do you agree? Quality, decoration, packaging ... Everything is nice, except for the price! Some ladies even believe that they can not afford real branded clothes or shoes. And in vain! Why?

Shops and online sites today are arranged in such a way that the same thing can be bought at a fabulous price, and several times cheaper, but in a different store.

We’ll tell you how to buy stylish branded items without spending all the money available. The secret lies in the answers to three questions.

Where to buy

Experienced “shopaholics” know exactly where and how to buy cheaper branded items. There are many places to look for new clothes:

  • stock stores;
  • Outlets of famous brands;
  • brand name online stores.

Stock markets

Today there are a large number of different drains. It sells things that remained in warehouses and were not sold at one time in stores. Among the goods in stocks there are a lot of things from last year's brand collections.

All products in stocks are only new ! Moreover, clothes and shoes retain their main advantages - the quality of materials and workmanship. No need to be embarrassed by the fact that this clothing was trendy last season.

Fashion trends persist for 2-3 years. Therefore, clothes bought in a stock store remain relevant for several more years .

Important! The cost of goods in stock markets can be several times less than the one for which things were offered in branded stores.


Close to drains and outlets. But in many of them, goods are not left over from warehouses, but direct deliveries from the manufacturer.

Outlets are very attractive for their prices. They always differ from ordinary stores in a smaller direction. The difference is sometimes not the biggest: 5-10%, which is also nice, isn't it? But you can make a more profitable purchase, saving 50-60% .

True, in order to achieve such a price, outlets have to look for cheaper space. Therefore, in the center you will not find such stores, most often they are located outside the city .

Important! Stocks and outlets are not second-hand! Used clothing is not sold here!

By the way, seconds also allow you to get a branded thing cheaply. But it’s impossible to guarantee that you will get a new thing!

Online stores

Today there is a very convenient way to shop - through online stores. To do this, you do not even have to leave the house! You can order delivery, but it will be paid.

The online trading system is actively used by brand campaigns. For them, this type is also beneficial: the retail space for such a salon is not needed. Yes, and you can save on staff salaries, because fewer people cope with work in an online store than in ordinary retail outlets.

This allows you to do without significant margins on the product, which is beneficial to customers.

Advice! If possible, you can look in duty-free or make purchases during your holidays abroad.

Sometimes the cost of a branded item purchased abroad is several times more profitable than in a domestic store.

So, where is the best place to shop, we found out. But it turns out that it is also important when to acquire things.

When to buy

In order to enjoy not only the new clothes, but also our ability to be prudent and economical, we will carefully monitor discounts and promotions!

The main goal of the owners is the sale of stale goods. Therefore, they come up with various promotions and discounts. It is at this moment that you need to buy.

Some shopping professionals can buy a thing even at a discount of 70% or 80% . But this is a very risky situation.

Important! As soon as a thing is declared a discount of 40% or 50%, it falls into the zone of close attention. By the time of the maximum discount, the product may be sold out or your size may not appear at all.

It is better not to take risks and buy clothes and accessories during the period of average discounts, since the prices for them are in any case already much more profitable. At the same time, a branded thing will fit perfectly into a thoughtful wardrobe, despite the fact that it has ceased to be trendy.

However, you should be careful! Discounts, of course, attract, but only if they are real.

Important! It happens that stores, conducting a loud advertising campaign for discounts, do not actually make price reductions. Or determine the maximum discount of only 10%. Such purchases are disadvantageous.

How to buy

Good shopping is a whole art! Each buyer can master it.

To do this, you need to be aware of the loyalty programs that are available at the distribution network.


Many stores have stock sales. Buyers will find out their specific conditions in the distribution network. The main task is not to miss the sales dates. Then it will be possible to purchase the models you like at a very nice price.


Most stores have their own customer cards. With their help, you can buy at a reduced price things that take part in the action. Or spend bonuses for previous purchases as a full or partial payment for your favorite item.

Now you know how to please yourself with a brand thing at an affordable price. Have a nice shopping!