How to paint leatherette

Artificial leather items are becoming reliable companions of our lives. But over time, many of them lose sight. Still strong and durable objects become unattractive: the paint is rubbed, faded. This is not a reason to abandon the usual things! Painting will provide them a second life.

We will tell you how to paint things from artificial leather at home.

How to paint leatherette at home

The result of painting a leather substitute at home largely depends on the means used for this. You can do the work with different materials.

Shoe impregnated bottles

If it is only necessary to slightly restore individual places on a bag or jacket, you can use tools that are designed for shoes. Small bottles with shoe impregnation are quite convenient. The sponge fixed on the bottle, saturated with its contents, reliably paints problem areas. In the absence of such a sponge on the bottle, you can use a brush or make a swab for impregnation yourself.

Important! The leatherette color with shoe impregnation will be better and more durable when applied in 2 layers, with a break for absorption of 30 minutes.

Special paints for artificial leather

Intended for skin renewal, such paints penetrate deeply into the structure and provide reliable coloring of the material. At the same time, things acquire protection against moisture and retain the ability to pass air.

They are convenient in aerosol packaging, as well as when using a spray gun, sponge or brush.

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints give good results not only for the restoration of individual scuffs, but also for the complete repainting of leatherette items. They are interesting not only for their variety of colors, but also for their qualities.

Acrylic is a flexible material that can stretch. Due to this, paints protect things from cracks. To work, you need a brush or sponge.

Important! When thickening the paint, you can return the desired consistency with acetone. Add to it 2-3 drops and mix thoroughly.

Choose paint for leatherette

Buy a tool for coloring artificial leather is easy. This can be done at different points of sale.

Hardware Stores

In household goods stores you can buy professional paints designed for artificial leather, as well as acrylic dyes.

Handicraft Shops

Funds in small packaging can be found in needlework stores. It offers a variety of colors for acrylic paints, small containers with special dyes for natural and artificial leather. And also salons for needlework offer chalk paints. They will interest those who want to not only paint the leather upholstery of the furniture, but also to make it stylish, specially giving it an aged look.

Shoe stores

In stores or departments selling shoes, you can choose the impregnation for shoes, which is suitable for updating other things from leatherette.

All these products will provide high-quality artificial leather.

Preparing things for painting

Before painting, the material must be cleaned. If there is a layer (even invisible to the eye) between the surface of the thing and the dye from dust and dirt, the layers of paint will move away from the material, cracks will occur.

The procedure for preparing leatherette for painting:

  • Cleaning up. To clean artificial skin, you need to treat it with soapy water, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Do the work with a cotton napkin or sponge.
  • Degreasing. Wipe the item with a swab or sponge moistened with alcohol, removing the remaining dirt.

Important! After cleaning, they only work with artificial leather with gloves, so as not to leave stains on the cleaned surface, they can appear during staining.

  • Drying. Before painting, make sure that the leatherette is completely dry.

Important! Allow things to dry naturally, without the use of heaters or heaters that could cause material deformation.

Paint a bag or suitcase

Have you wanted to upgrade your bag or suitcase for a long time? Do not delay, but begin to embody your desires!

Prepare the necessary materials:

  • Paint (we recommend using acrylic).
  • Acetone for dilution.
  • Items for applying dye (brush, sponge).
  • Items for working with paint (palette).
  • Gloves for work.

Advice! If you don’t have a special palette (or a palette from the children's drawing set), you can replace it with ordinary aluminum foil for baking.

Carefully read the instructions for painting things from leatherette. Performing work in accordance with these tips will help to get a good result.

  • Prepare the bag for painting by thoroughly cleaning and drying its surface.
  • Prepare the paint. Apply a certain amount of paint to the palette or foil. It should not be thick. Use acetone to dilute.

Important! Please note that acrylic dries quickly. Do not squeeze a large amount of paint onto the palette immediately, it is better to add it as necessary.

  • Mix the squeezed paint out with a brush or sponge.
  • Proceed to coloring. Try to apply the dye evenly with long strokes.
  • After complete staining, leave the bag to dry. This will take from 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Apply a 2nd coat. If the result is not entirely satisfactory, after drying the 2nd layer, you can perform the staining again.
  • Let the bag dry on its own; do not place it near heating appliances.

Tips for painting leatherette items

  • Pay attention to what particular type of artificial leather the things you want to dye are made of. Get to know how to care for this type of material.
  • Carefully read the instructions for use of the selected dye and strictly follow its instructions.
  • Preliminary test before painting. Select a small piece of leatherette and try the dye on it. So you will be convinced that on an material there were no undesirable reactions at interaction with a dye. Allow the painted area to dry completely to see its final color.

How to care for colored items

In order to enjoy the look of the painted thing for a long time, you need to follow the simple rules for caring for the painted leatherette.

Timely cleaning

All contaminants should be removed from the painted material, without disregarding even minimal ones. For cleaning, use a damp cloth or sponge. You can use a soap solution, which is then washed thoroughly with clean water.

Drying out

Wet faux leather items must be well dried. Garments are hung on the shoulders for this purpose and shaped. Shoes can be stuffed with old newspapers. The bag is freed from things, hanged and shaped, for which you can also use paper.

Leatherette things will continue to delight you! You have already appreciated their practicality. And with the help of our article you can dye artificial leather to restore the attractive look of your favorite bag, jacket or comfortable shoes!