How to make a swan from a towel

A towel is one of the indispensable personal care products. A beautifully designed swan-like composition can often be seen in hotel rooms and cruise liners. Especially often they are made for the bride and groom. However, such a creation is easy to please yourself and your loved ones daily. Read and see the photo below on how to roll a swan from a towel with your own hands.

Swan from the towel step by step for beginners

The choice of a swan for handicrafts from towels is not accidental. After all, these birds are the symbol of endless fidelity and eternal love. They choose their betrothed once and for all. This fact is scientifically substantiated by ornithologists. This is an excellent hint to the newlyweds for further family life. However, this is not only relevant for young people. Sculptures of birds from towels, many have seen in hotels in Turkey, Egypt and other countries on vacation. To make a swan from this accessory is even for people who are far from needlework. To create a composition, you should prepare:

  • A large bath towel that will serve as the basis for the design. If it is a pair of swans, then two items are needed. In general, compositions can consist of an unlimited number of crafts.
  • The medium-sized towel from which the tail is made.
  • A variety of jewelry, selected depending on the personal preferences of the master. It can be fresh flowers or sweets.

Attention! For the first time, it can take about five minutes to craft, later on it can be done in 1-3 minutes on the machine.

How to roll an original swan from a towel

This article discusses the traditional classic version of creating a swan. To make a swan, follow these instructions step by step:

  1. To begin, lay the towel on a bed or other flat surface with the wide side along.
  2. Next, take the top two corners and fold them together inward so that they align in the center. At the same time, the place of docking should not coincide with the lower border of the towel, since in shape it is a rectangle.
  3. Then, the two outer edges are rolled up with tight rolls to the central part, and they should be in the upper part. To make it more convenient, it is better to hold the fabric with your hands. As a result, you should get a kind of arrow pointing up.
  4. The pointed edge is turned over and folded in the form of a head. To make the swan’s neck slender, graceful and meandering, a second accessory will come in handy. It is rolled up to the genuine side and folded in half.
  5. Next, the blank from the short towel is laid out on the body of the bird. So, the neck turns out more bent. The first time it is particularly difficult to achieve neck stability, but this requires only a little dexterity.
  6. The resulting product should look like the letter “Z”. The two lower arrows should end at the base. Squeeze the corners to form spectacular curved elements.
  7. A slight bend is made on the head, indicating the beak. At this stage, you can already stop.

To make a long tail, you need an extra small towel. It is folded with an accordion, and then placed behind the swan and straightened. You can make a more voluminous tail. To do this, make a drapery of the element, as in the first case, fold the towel in half and put a swan behind the back. It can also perform a practical function by supporting the bird’s neck.

Important! This skill will allow you to make an unusual gift for your loved ones. For example, it could be the wedding of a beloved girlfriend.

Additional nuances are already being worked out independently, depending on the imagination of the author. For example, you can wear sunglasses or tie a tie spectacularly. And if desired, the resulting figure can easily be turned into a peacock, making a magnificent tail with a fan. When celebrating the wedding anniversary, the swan bride is decorated with a veil from a snow-white soft napkin.

Reference! To create a full romantic composition, you can make a couple. Often, the second swan is placed next to the first and turned to face each other, eventually getting a heart shape.

Tips and tricks for creating a swan from a towel

Consider a few more important nuances that should be considered to achieve a good result:

  • You must choose a rectangular towel of any length, but always tightly knitted. The denser the fabric, the more stable the craft will be.
  • The fabric must be dry. Even from a slightly damp material, the resulting craft will look messy.
  • To make a large product, choose a long towel and, conversely, for a small one - short ones.
  • Products must be clean and slightly starched so that the product keeps its shape.
  • It is advisable to choose things of the same configuration so that the shade and texture of the material match.
  • For modeling, you can not limit yourself to using only white towels. Carry out bold experiments using a variety of bright colors depending on the tone of the bedding, interior or personal mood.
  • To add volume to the composition, birds need to spread their wings.
  • If the goal is to make a couple, then you should make sure that the items have the same texture and dimensions.
  • It is convenient to make small young swans from accessories for hands. The result is a full-fledged swan family.

The composition “7 swimming swans” is very popular. To do this, place seven snow-white towels in the bathroom and make swans from them. For beauty, they place hand accessories under them at a time when the water under them will already be a bluish tint.

Reference! When washing clothes, it is not advisable to use conditioner so that the material does not become soft.

Making a beautiful swan from a towel with your own hands, following the instructions and recommendations from this article, is quite simple and quick. Thus, you can create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom or please the children with a spectacular composition.