How to knit a sweater "bat" (with patterns)

Sweater "bat" appeared a long time ago (during the long world war). The Japanese kimono acted as the muse for the thing, and only therefore the first models had very impressive “bat wings” (sleeves).

Now the sweater is not so voluminous, it has become much more feminine and comfortable. And if the first products were exclusively made of silk, then modern models can be made of knitwear. The crocheted “bat” model will be beautiful and very warm.

You can wear a “bat” with narrowed trousers, a miniskirt, and a pencil skirt. The sweater will complement your favorite jeans and high-heeled shoes.

Selection of yarn and knitting needles

For a model of a female sweater “bat”, do not take too heavy threads and thick yarn. So an airy product will not work, and with heavy sleeves it will be inconvenient.

As for wool, you can safely add it in any proportion, depending on the need for heat. Knitting needles are accordingly matched to the yarn. The number will always depend on the thickness of the yarn. The model of knitting needles for this sweater is ordinary knitting needles, but hosiery can be useful for a collar.

Before knitting any product, you must try to create a pattern. Each sample must have a pattern similar to the product. This will make it easier to count the loops. Attach a ruler to the sample and calculate how many loops are contained in 10 cm. After transferring the loops for the desired size.

For beginners, a set of loops for knitting needles:

Set of first stitches for 2 knitting needles

Further, after counting and determining how many loops the product will require, you can proceed to the initial stage of knitting.

Knitting pattern

You can take the simplest patterns:

Knitting "English gum"

A traditional set of loops is usually used, but if you want to make the elastic more elastic, you can resort to some others.

False gum pattern

Several types of gum

Some needlewomen appreciate the history of the appearance of this thing so much that they like to create it from threads with a silk composition . These are very interesting models. It is very pleasant in them even in hot times, because from real silk it blows a little cool. The fabulous brilliance of such fibers also attracts. Therefore, it is worth considering what exactly to create your models from.

Step-by-step instructions for knitting a sweater "bat"

The “bat” model has approximately the same pattern for creating a sweater. It is a fitted elastic band and wide sleeves. Differences can be in size, canvas patterns and collar .

We will analyze the classical model according to the stages of creation.

Pattern 1 "bat"

Other examples of patterns:

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4

We knit the back

The back of the pattern represents a rectangular part and so it really looks. Fitted in elastic, and the rest of the parts just hang from the shoulders. The back begins to knit with elastic. Usually the elastic is high, from 10 cm. It is necessary that the sweater fits well and does not bully.

The neckline on the back can be very small, in this pattern it simply is not. The gum is typed from the middle loops, after stitching the shoulder seams.


The front shelf of this part is simply a twin backrest. The elastic band is the same in length and thickness, the rectangular part itself is also uniform in height. The only difference is that the neckline at the front shelf is always there and it will be deeper than the neckline.

Hinges for the collar are also recruited after the shoulder seams.


The shape of the sleeve resembles a trapezoid with a right angle. Closer to the elastic band, the sleeve is narrowed. They begin to knit it from the gum and after that there are additions in each row to obtain such a wide sleeve in the humerus.

Assembly of finished parts

When each bat element is ready, you can proceed to neatly stitching. The connection principle of such a blouse is also no different from the connection of other sweaters:

  • perform shoulder seams;
  • sew on sleeves;
  • perform side seam at the sleeves;
  • make a side seam between the front and back.

The collar of the product can be knitted on stocking knitting needles or use the services of a hook.

As a result, you can get just such a pretty blouse.

Knitting Patterns

Scheme 1 with a description

Scheme 2 with a description

Scheme 4

Scheme 5 with a description

Scheme 6 with a description

Scheme 7 for sweaters

The excellent “bat” model is actually not as complex as it may seem. Therefore, not only the most experienced masters can take, but also beginners. So go ahead and tie another nice knitted little thing.