How to decorate a red dress with your own hands (photo)?

At present, it is not so easy to surprise others with an unusual fabric or original style of a dress.

But if you show a little imagination, even from an inexpressive old model you can make an interesting and stylish outfit .

This will help to give a bored wardrobe item a new life.

The relevance of the red dress

The red dress for many years does not lose its relevance, despite the fact that others think about this.

At any time, such a color was associated with energy, vitality, fire and, of course, beauty. The image of a woman in a red dress looks impressive and emphasizes both a passionate nature and a strong character.

Outfits of this color are popular in any season. In the spring and summer, such products will help create a bright and attractive image, and in the fall and winter the “hot” color will certainly cheer you up and charge you with optimism.

Jewelry for a dress for every day

The following options are suitable for decorating a casual outfit:

  • embroidery (inconspicuous or with bright accents);
  • removable collar (openwork, lace or knitted);
  • a cape or drape of translucent fabric;
  • finishing details (rags made of fur and leather, varnish, matte, checkered or striped inserts on the belt and sleeves);
  • accessories (a beautiful belt or an elegant brooch).

To make a beautiful product with your own hands out of a boring dress, it is completely optional to be a skilled needlewoman.

With the necessary materials and free time, any representative of the fair sex can easily cope with this task.

Important! The lighter the fabric from which the product is sewn, the easier the finish should be.

Openwork lace is one of the main trends of this season. This decorative item will make the outfit more elegant and sophisticated. To decorate the dress with a similar element, it is recommended to purchase a ribbon lace. You can sheathe the edges of the sleeves, hem or neckline.

In order not to make a mistake with the quantity, it is necessary to draw up a sketch of the future decor in advance and calculate the footage. You can attach lace to the fabric using a special glue, which must be carefully applied with small droplets every 5-10 cm. If a suitable glue is not available, you can use a needle and thread.

A great way to decorate is with zippers. Such decor effectively complements the avant-garde urban images. Such details will dilute with bright colors even the most boring thing.

Reference! In models designed for cold weather, you can decorate the sleeves and side seams. This finishing method allows you to visually make the figure more slender.

Scarlet Wedding Dress Decor

Such outfits are often decorated with Swarovski stones . In most cases, decorate the upper part of the product in a similar way. Wedding dresses are richly embroidered with rhinestones on a corset (photo).

In some cases, part of the stones is attached to the bottom of the dress. Small pebbles should be attached to the side with special textile glue (for absorbent base).

Important! Do not use “Moment” and “PVA” glue for gluing these decorative elements. This can hopelessly ruin the material.

Another option is to decorate such an outfit with flowers. You can do this in various ways: applique, embroidery or voluminous flowers made of fabric. Simple roses are easy to make from a strip of thin material, cut diagonally. To do this, you need to fold the material in half lengthwise, pick it up on a thread and twist it, gradually stitching it below with stitches. Or you can separately cut oval petals of different sizes and collect a rose from them. Such jewelry is usually sewn along the edge of the neckline or along the hem.

Wedding dresses can also be decorated with satin or silk ribbons. You can use a ribbon instead of a belt, make a beautiful bow out of it or a brooch in the shape of a flower. Ribbon decoration will make the image of the bride even more romantic.

Decorate an evening dress

A red evening dress will always attract attention to its owner at any gala event. To make such an outfit even more spectacular, you can supplement it with various decorative elements.

For a simple model, you can use chains on the shoulders. This trend continues to be popular.

You can also freshen up your evening outfit with decorative appliqués or shiny embroidery .

You can complement the image with a red evening dress with an elegant belt, entwining it with your waist several times, because you can choose a beautiful corsage belt. High gloves in tone with the belt are perfect for this look .

Stylish details

Accessories for a similar outfit must be selected in accordance with its color palette.

Red lacquer boats and jewelry with stones of the same color (for example, with rubies) are perfect for evening along with red.

A knitted or crocheted red dress will look good with a black belt and high black boots.

A summer red dress can be supplemented with a string of white pearls, the same earrings and a wide white belt with a simple clasp. A stylish multi-color bag or multi-colored vintage earrings will suit well alongside this color. Similar details will add to the image of bizarre and unusual.

You can effectively decorate a red dress in various ways. It all depends on individual taste preferences. The main thing is not to forget about a sense of proportion.