How to clean a bag of leatherette

It is annoying when spots are found on an almost new, recently purchased bag. But, unfortunately, this is difficult to avoid, because the bag, like outerwear, takes on a lot of pollution. Dust, dirt, stains - all this settles on the product.

How to clean leatherette

When cleaning leather products from stains, you can not use:

  • acids;
  • solvents;
  • alcohol;
  • acetone;
  • substances containing chlorine.

Normal washing also does not solve the problem, since leatherette falls apart and deforms under the influence of water and detergent.

Very often, washing the bag, even by delicate washing, the hostess is forced to throw out the product, because when completely wet, the product immediately loses its appearance.

Important! Never fully wash any leatherette product.

Dark leather faux leather bags and furniture effectively clean several products:

  • soap solution;
  • special sponge - eraser (slight dirt);
  • ammonia with soda (solution).

Clean the leatherette bag

Dark leatherette should be cleaned carefully, as the paint may fade and whitish spots form on the product. If you clean the bag with a soap solution, then in its manufacture it is worth taking laundry soap or soap without dyes.

Then the soapy solution will be color neutral and will not leave streaks on the bag. After cleaning with soap and water, the bag must be dried immediately. Unfortunately, in the case when the product needs to be cleaned over a large area, you have to wash the bag in soapy water. But for these purposes, it is necessary to undo the gasket.

Since the complete soaking of the bag will lead to cracks in the material and deformation. The product must be soaked superficially in a soapy solution, not dipping everything in the basin, but using a sponge. The lining can be washed separately, dried well and sewn. Of course, such painstaking cleaning is suitable for products that you really want to keep and give them a new look.

Attention! Do not dry the leatherette product and place it on the battery, or near hot heaters. From such exposure, the product is deformed and cracked, and light tones will get indelible yellow spots.

How to clean white leatherette

Stains need to be cleaned with a means that is aimed at eliminating pollution and at the same time does not deform the leather substitute.

An important factor is the color of the product. First of all, the cleaning method depends on it.

For white leatherette products use:

  • lemon juice (spots from greens, vegetables and fruits, fat, old yellowness);
  • nail polish remover (affect ink stains, felt-tip pens);
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • lemon juice with soda (solution).

How to clean a white leatherette bag

If you need to update a bag of white leather, it makes sense to make lemon juice. This natural cleaner, applied to the bag with a cotton swab, can not only remove small impurities, but also give shine to the entire surface. Lemon also perfectly cleans stains of grease, grass, helps the bag to make it lighter when yellow spots appear.

In everyday life, rarely is anyone able to avoid abrasions and cuts. And, being on the road, you can stain with blood and the surface of the bag, pens. It is possible to effectively deal with this kind of pollution if you moisten the sponge with hydrogen peroxide. And wipe the place of pollution. And you should not put too much pressure on the spots, since peroxide with an easy touch already has an effective effect. After this cleaning, wipe the bag with a soft cloth.

When cleaning a white bag with soapy water, apply it only to the place of contamination, avoiding the complete wetting of the product.

If there were shadows in the purse, foundation and they gave stains, dirt on the outside, then stains can also be removed with a weak solution of ammonia or vinegar. But at the same time, you need to make sure that the bag is not completely wet, and the removal solution gets only point on the spot.

Be sure to dry the product and to give shine or apply a special care spray for synthetic skin or treat it with wipes containing a care composition. Such products are sold in stores where products for the care of leather products, textiles, and leather substitute are presented.

How to clean a white faux leather sofa

The beauty of white furniture always remains unrivaled. Soft armchairs, a spacious sofa made of artificial leather - all this fits perfectly into the interior of the living room, bedroom.

But, over time, the handles, backs of such furniture become greasy, turn yellow. And if there are small children in the house, then, through negligence, stains from a ballpoint pen and felt-tip pens may appear on the furniture. How can all these contaminants be removed without harming the material and the product itself?

First you need to determine the type of pollution. And consider the following classification of spots:

  • lipstick, foundation, shadows dissolves ammonia solution, then soapy water;
  • blood - hydrogen peroxide (for fresh spots), ammonia - for dried spots;
  • spots from green plants, yellowness from wear - lemon juice;
  • fat, oil - helps eliminate turpentine (with an old spot), and if it is fresh, then a soap solution.

There are general rules that you must follow, no matter which stain on the product and which removal method you choose.

To begin with, the area to be cleaned must be wiped, then the area of ​​pollution can be moistened with baking soda, then lemon juice can be added to the soda and the stain will be wiped.

Use an absorbent soft sponge to remove any remaining cleaning mixture. Wipe dry. If the stain does not go away, it is worth using another means adapted for contamination.

When caring for leather products, you should follow simple rules. Wipe with special impregnated napkins that shine and protect from dirt. Do not forget about precautions in contact with water, hot appliances. Faux leather is practical, convenient to use and costs significantly less than leather, so products made from it serve for a long time with timely and proper care.