How to choose a parasol: to the beach, to the country, for a walk

Speaking of an umbrella, we usually mean protection from rain. Autumn gloomy days, the leaden gloom of heaven, the boring dripping from above and heavy fatigue spilling over the body immediately pop up in my memory.

However, on a hot summer day you can’t do without an umbrella! In order not to overshadow the mood of charred skin and high temperature, high-quality sun protection is useful. Such a thing will become a necessary subject for a beach and a summer residence, and you will also need it for a walk.

REFERENCE. Oddly enough, the first umbrellas appeared as devices for protection from sunlight. And only later they acquired the function of protection against rain.

Initially, the products were made from the leaves and feathers of birds, so they well created a shadow and let in a gentle breeze cooling the skin.

What should be a beach umbrella

Modern models differ from ancient lovely objects in their practicality and bright appearance. In order for an elegant thing to please its owners for a long time, you should first pay attention to its frame. It is the strength of the structure that determines the service life .

IMPORTANT! Plastic or aluminum knitting needles, of course, make the construction easier. But any strong gust of wind can bend the dome or break the structure.

And repairing such things is quite problematic and expensive.


The best option would be steel, durable knitting needles or a frame made of flexible fiberglass . Such a design, if it is twisted, will easily return to its original form.

An excellent adaptation will be a special mechanism that will allow you to change the tilt of the dome and its rotation . So the owner of the portable canopy will not have to periodically rearrange the umbrella, following the burning rays of the sun.


It would be nice to get a model with a stand. A small light bowl will not cause problems when carrying. But, filled with water, it will keep the entire device in place . And the owner does not have to bury the umbrella a meter in the sand.


The material of the dome also matters.

  • The polyester product will reliably protect against ultraviolet radiation and sudden rain. But on a calm day, it will create an oven effect.
  • A regular satin dome will hold back harmful ultraviolet radiation and allow access to fresh air. But it will not save from the rain!
  • But satin fabric treated with a special water-repellent impregnation will solve all the problems.


The color palette can be the most diverse. But doctors believe that white is not very suitable for such protection, as it passes too many ultraviolet rays . Therefore, it is better to purchase darker umbrellas.

How to choose an umbrella for a summer residence

For small shading, for example, above a garden children's sandbox, you can install the usual beach model. But they are unlikely to succeed in closing a large territory.

Therefore, it is better to purchase a full-fledged garden umbrella. The diameter of the dome of such a device reaches three meters, so that the whole family can freely sit in the shade with a cup of tea or get a nap on the bed.

Features of an umbrella for a summer residence

Cottage constructions suggest placing the umbrella stand in the center of the dome or on the side . In this case, the entire device is installed on a special console. The second option is preferable, as it allows you to set a table or a large bed under the dome.

TIP! If such a canopy is planned to be moved to the wall, then it is better to choose a rectangular option.

The base of the structure must be very stable . You should pay attention to this when choosing and buying a product.

Otherwise, the choice is similar to a beach umbrella: stable arcs and polyester or acrylic. For a summer residence, you can buy a model with a wooden frame . This will give the awning additional attractiveness, but it will significantly affect the price.

Professional domes easily withstand rain and even snow, such an acquisition will serve faithfully for a very long time. Ordinary household umbrellas should be folded during natural disasters.

Female umbrella from the sun: which one to choose

In principle, normal rain protection can be used. But for greater elegance, women often acquire a special lace umbrella from the sun. It will elegantly complement the wardrobe, protect it from sunlight and heat, and help the skin to maintain tenderness.

Such devices differ in color and size, as well as the possibility of folding.

IMPORTANT! The most convenient means of protection from the burning sun will be an umbrella cane: such a design is less susceptible to deformation. And for additional ventilation it is better to buy a model with a special hole.

Large models will provide quality protection, but sometimes women use more compact options.

And most importantly, that the umbrella is liked and brings pleasure.