How to choose graduation jewelry

Each graduate wants to look worthy at her first “adult” holiday. Therefore, the image is selected very carefully, in accordance with the latest fashion trends. It is important not only to choose the perfect outfit, but also to complement it with decorations suitable for the occasion . Accessories are one of the key components of a beautiful graduation bow. Do not neglect jewelry for such a significant event, all girls understand this. But not everyone knows how to choose them correctly for this important day. Let's figure out what a graduate will need.

Jewelry or jewelry?

Stylists note that in the box of a modern girl there should be products from natural precious metals and stones, as well as high-quality, original jewelry .

To choose the right decoration, you need to consider several factors:

  • format of the event (for example, for the “red carpet” only jewelry is suitable);
  • dress style (only precious metals and stones are suitable for classic evening dresses).

Celebration format

When choosing accessories for the prom, you should consider the format of the event.

For example, if a real ball is supposed to comply with all the requirements of etiquette, then jewelry should be selected exclusively from precious metals .

But in most schools, graduation is still more democratic . Therefore, interesting jewelry will look appropriate and elegant.

Important! When choosing jewelry, you should not give preference to cheap models bought in network boutiques or in the market. It is better to find the original product of the elite class. It will look elegant and elegant in combination with a festive outfit.


For young girls, there are practically no restrictions on the use of jewelry and jewelry.

  • For a classic evening dress, you can pick up a beautiful necklace from a jewelry box or choose an unusual jewelry accessory.

  • Flirty cocktail dresses look good with various large bracelets, necklaces and earrings without the use of precious metals.

  • For a dress with a blank collar, sleeves and a neckline on the back, earrings are perfect, a chain with a pendant on the back, like Kate Hudson. A stylish bracelet is also possible.

The more, the better?

Experienced designers say: do not overload your set with a variety of jewelry and decorative details . It is better if the image is selected with taste and emphasized by modern jewelry.

Important! According to the rules of good tone, no more than three decorations are used. It can be a beautiful necklace, medium-sized earrings and a thin bracelet. This set is suitable for dresses with a deep neckline, without sleeves.

The main thing is to choose accessories so that one of them is the main one, and the rest only emphasize its beauty and significance.

So, the bracelet can be supplemented with small earrings, made in the same style, but less monumental. If you intend to use a necklace, then it should be the center of the whole image. The remaining jewelry only emphasizes its originality and harmony with the outfit.

Important! Do not use too many different ornaments in one look. In this case, the girl runs the risk of not appearing in the best light, like a Christmas tree.

Accessories should be chosen with taste. When choosing should be guided by a sense of proportion.

Selection rules

There are several basic criteria that you should rely on when choosing accessories. This is the color, style and style of the dress . For a classic outfit, completely different jewelry will be selected, rather than a playful cocktail dress or an original one along in extreme shades.

By color

Important! Jewelry should be combined in color or be in tone with the main outfit. The main thing is that they do not merge with the dress and do not get lost on the general background.

  • In most cases, silver or gold jewelry is suitable. They are suitable for black, blue or green dress.
  • For an outfit with a floral print, costume jewelry made in one of the colors of the picture is suitable.
  • Purple beads or bracelets go well with the yellow outfit.

Important! At the graduation party, it is recommended to choose accessories that emphasize the image of an innocent princess. This is a holiday for which you can wear jewelry that is inaccessible at 30 years old. The image should be airy and light, gentle and alluring.

By style and style

When choosing a decoration, it is necessary to take into account the style of the dress.

  • If there is a fluffy skirt in the outfit, you need to balance it with a large accessory. Long earrings with rhinestones will do . They will attract the views of others and make the bow spectacular.
  • Modest decorations will suit a restrained cocktail dress . A thin necklace and small earrings are a great solution. It is better to choose products made of gold or silver. They will look perfect in this case.
  • For dresses on the floor, long flowing earrings are usually selected. They should repeat the silhouette of the dress, which also seems to flow down. With such an accessory, the image looks elegant and sophisticated.
  • Neckline is best combined with a chain or a small pearl string . The dress with an open top is complemented by short beads or a pendant, which should be located approximately in the middle between the top line of the dress and the neck.

A beautiful and memorable holiday!