How to care for eco-leather

Ecoskin - artificial material is very similar to genuine leather, is widely used for the manufacture of clothes, bags, shoes. From it make covers for cars and upholstery for furniture. In appearance, artificial leather can not be distinguished from genuine, but there is a slight difference in the care of products.

In order for eco-leather products to have a beautiful look and serve, we need to take good care of them for a long time. Regular and proper care is one of the elements of strength and durability. Each type of pollution has its own way of cleaning and we must know them to avoid unnecessary problems.

The main rules for the care of eco-leather products


  1. can not be placed near heating appliances and in direct sunlight. With strong heating, the upholstery is deformed, and burns out in the sun;
  2. remove dust with a cloth or cloth slightly moistened with water;
  3. in case of severe pollution, wipe with a soap solution;
  4. remove greasy stains with ethanol solution, shaving paste;
  5. we remove ink stains with acetone, then wipe with a damp cloth;
  6. if the skin is white, then wipe it with warm milk;
  7. stains from grease and oils on white skin are removed using hydrogen peroxide.

Important ! When taking care of ecoskin, you need to use weak solutions (20%), after processing the product, wipe it dry.


  1. regularly wipe with a damp cloth, if heavily soiled, use a special shampoo;
  2. Prevent moisture from entering the shoe;
  3. use moisture resistant protective creams;
  4. with strong scuffs, tint with shoe polish.

Help ! All natural skin care products can be used for eco-leather.


  1. can be washed in warm water using a liquid detergent;
  2. Do not subject to strong mechanical stress;
  3. after washing, allow water to drain, it is forbidden to squeeze;
  4. dry on shoulders suitable in size to avoid deformation of products;
  5. some things can be washed in automatic machines by choosing a gentle mode without spinning;
  6. Wipe off any significant dirt with a cloth slightly moistened with water, a solution of detergent, an alcohol solution.

Note ! In order not to spoil the clothes when washing, follow the instructions on the tag from the manufacturers.

Car covers

  1. It can be cleaned just like any eco-leather product. Wipe with a damp cloth, alcohol, acetone, hydrogen peroxide after treatment, wipe with a dry cloth.
  2. There are many car care products on sale in the form of foams and creams, use them. Apply the cream to the surface, let it soak a little and then wipe with a cloth.
  3. After cleaning, the surface is treated with water and dirt-repellent.
  4. Very dirty covers must be dry cleaned.

For care and cleaning of leather goods, you can use cleaning wet wipes for monitors. They include alcohol, they clean well, dry quickly and do not harm artificial skin.

Prohibited eco-skin care products

  1. do not use gasoline and solvents; they damage and corrode products;
  2. it is forbidden to use brushes, scrapers, knives and various sharp objects that can tear or cut the skin;
  3. it is contraindicated to dry products on radiators or a hairdryer;
  4. It is not recommended to heat and iron with a hot iron.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to use chlorine-based products for cleaning. For all products, there is one rule for care - you can not rub, press, stretch, clean it gently and gently.