How Asians attract good luck by choosing the color of clothes for every day of the week

Many people notice a burning desire to wear clothes of a certain color according to the day of the week. The first habit of using a wardrobe of a certain color to attract good luck was introduced by residents of Asia. Citizens of China, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries know for sure that each color in a certain way affects human energy, as well as the day of the week. If you correctly correlate these two factors, you can attract good luck and achieve success in any business.

Colors Monday to Sunday

When choosing an outfit in the morning, it should be borne in mind that for each day of the week a certain planet of the solar system has an effect. As a result of the right choice of shades of clothing, you can get many benefits and ensure a comfortable life.

According to the days of the week, you need to choose the following shades in the clothes.

Monday is the patron saint of the moon. On this day, you need to choose flowing, light outfits of silver, cream or white, juicy shades are also allowed, for example, yellow, bright red or orange.

Tuesday - patronized by aggressive Mars. This is a day of high activity and passion, it is best to choose clothes in bright shades of red and brown, on this day you can not only win in the working moments, but also draw love into your life, establish personal life and meet an ideal partner.

Wednesday is the influence of Mercury. This is a time of self-development and self-knowledge, clothes of gray, saturated green and yellow colors are perfect for this day, Asian people believe that clothes of these colors help to achieve an unprecedented self-confidence on this day.

Thursday - Jupiter. Saturated violet, blue and raspberry shades in clothes will help attract tremendous success in any area of ​​a person’s life, even if it is a small accessory of purple color, but still it should be present in the image.

Friday is at the mercy of Venus. The planet is able to establish life in all areas, in particular, reconcile relatives after major quarrels, provide assistance for finding financial prosperity, and introduce important people into your life. To do this, you only need to choose clothes in the right shades - silver or milky white.

Saturday - Saturn. The heavy energy of the planet involves the use of clothes of discreet colors, on this day you should give preference to dark blue, gray or black colors, they will help to protect yourself from dark energy and put a kind of shield against the failures in your life.

Sunday is the Sun. A positive and warm day when you should emphasize your joyful mood with clothes in bright colors. The juicy yellow and orange palette will have a beneficial effect on the psyche and will help you to feel on the rise throughout the day.

Important! For centuries, Asians have followed the habit of choosing clothing colors according to the day of the week. This experience was subsequently adopted by residents of other countries. Experts are confident that in this way you can easily bring luck and prosperity to your life.

You can apply the experience of residents of Asian countries daily, taking into account your own preferences in clothing. This will help to gain self-confidence, always be in a positive mood and not notice minor failures.

What colors attract money?

According to recent observations, bright red, scarlet and raspberry most attract money and prosperity in human life. This is especially true for people doing their business who intend to increase their assets.

Properly choosing the days to complete transactions, a person can conclude profitable contracts with reliable people and get profit from this. And the red color gives self-confidence and makes it possible to put your knowledge and skills in the best possible light.

Fashion designers around the world have long been interested in astrology and help to choose the right outfits for every day. Asian people are so accustomed to this superstition that they unconsciously choose clothes of a certain palette for every day. And this habit is bearing fruit.