Good reasons to love Italian shoes

Which women do not dream of having boots from Italy in their arsenal? After all, this is a guarantee of unsurpassed quality and special chic. What is the secret of the popularity of Italian masters? Read the answer to this question.

Why is Italian shoes appreciated?

The history of the origin of the traditions of shoe makers in Italy is rooted in the distant past. Their products are highly valued by millions of men and women around the world. A wide range of various boots and shoes combines constant elegance, sophistication and high quality.

Its main advantages:

  • worked out to the smallest detail production technology, even wearing high heels, a woman will feel like in slippers;
  • style, which makes a woman bright and modern, emphasizing her good taste;
  • a huge variety of original models from sandals and shoes to all kinds of shoes, boots and half boots;
  • detailed thoughtfulness of images for stylish ladies and young girls.

In such shoes, the gait acquires a special elegant lightness and swiftness, which attracts men's looks.

Attention to detail

This trend can be traced from the time of the ancient Romans, who even then in creating shoes were guided by the place and time of wearing it. And while others were content with ordinary boots and sandals, these mods had at least five pairs for all occasions.

The modern shoe industry is a complex production technology. Sewing a seemingly simple men's boot requires knowledge of fifteen different techniques . And Italians are fluent in them!

Everything related to shoes is sacred to them. And here they will not yield a bit to the palm even of pedantic Germans. Their “horse” is the smallest precision of stitches, ideal proportions, subtle adjustment of the smallest elements.

This sunny country annually exports abroad millions of pairs of its “national treasure”, which is a special pride of every resident.

And who does not dream of attending exclusive shows in Milan? Twice a year, exhibitions of fashionable shoes by the most famous designers are organized here .

Among the world brands, the championship has long and firmly belonged to the Italian company Geox. Its innovative technologies in the field of 3D printing are confirmed by scientific research, and are in demand throughout the market space.

Technology implementation

In the models of unsurpassed masters, the traditional beginnings and the latest technological achievements perfectly coexist:

  • individual wooden block was replaced by foot scanning in 3D format;
  • patterns and colors are selected on the monitor screen, replacing each other.

But the main goal of innovation is comfort for the consumer. Geox considers its perforated sole to be a perforated sole with a unique waterproof membrane .

When buying Nebula branded sneakers, you will feel the benefits of the “breathing” Net Breathing System technologies combined with the flexibility of the “3D Performance Unit”:

  • lightness and stability;
  • perfect walking, which is convenient for out-of-town trips and long trips;
  • optimum temperature, which prevents sweating of the legs;
  • rainwater does not penetrate through the sole of the skin.

Stylish design

Lovers of beautiful shoes from all over the world are delighted with the magnificent Italian design, regardless of whether this model is new or old proven classic.

The trend of the season is a kind of mix of courageous rocker and stylish hippie :

  • boldness of color schemes;
  • decoration with rivets and fringe;
  • sole - “wedge”;
  • Elegant futuristic sneakers.

Important! Italian sandals "Geox", cushioning when walking, will help to feel the lightness and comfort of wedges.

The uniqueness of each model

Do you dream of being irresistible? Do you want to stand out in the crowd with your personality? Here is a selection of non-trivial solutions:

1. Classic "boats" with an open back like a slingback. Give preference to the print of the inscriptions or the proven “crow's feet”. Equally well combined with the severity of the pencil skirt and the negligence of ordinary jeans.

2. Light suede ankle boots in beige colors. This is an example of luxurious elegance. Relevant anywhere and anytime. The best choice is a steady stacked heel.

3. The leading summer trend is stylish sandals on wide straps with a thick sole - “platform” . Feel free to experiment with color and texture! Red, black, white, varnished and riveted are just the right fit.

4. White sneakers to match the classics. A winning model for both outdoor casual and business meetings.

5. Stable low heel and trapezoid toe - the choice of elegant girls from Instagram. Fashion designers recommend wearing them with miniskirts . Best of all, pastel colors in lacquered design are suitable for girls.

What is the main secret of Italian shoes?

So what is the uniqueness of shoe makers in Italy? Where are their secrets hidden? The most famous designer houses have long been looking for answers to this question. For hundreds of years, Italians have not lost their positions as the best shoe makers.

Professionals are sure - due to their worldwide popularity, shoes from Italy owe to several factors:

  • Preservation of centuries-old national traditions of quality. The best masters pass on their skills from generation to generation.
  • A comfortable microclimate for the legs is provided by modern technology + genuine leather.
  • Advanced design developments of Italian fashion designers - recognized lawmakers and leaders of world fashion trends.
  • Optimum price-quality ratio. Over the long period, no claims have been filed by buyers.
  • Guarantee of presentability and high status of the owner. Unconditional followers of Italian style are celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Jean Reno.

Italian shoes are always in trend . This is facilitated by a unique combination of centuries-old traditions and modern technology. The production of the best Italian shoes has long been put on stream, and now the first violin in its creation is played by advanced designers.

It is they who create real works of art, anticipating the most fashionable trends.

Do you like coziness and comfort? Then, without hesitation, give preference to these stylish and convenient products.