The Five-One Rule for a Basic French Wardrobe

The elegance of a Frenchwoman is available to any lady, if only she knows how to comply with the norms of the French style and in clothes. Learning to dress in French will help one wonderful rule. We will tell about him and his action.

"Five - one": French women win!

The simple genius of a true French wardrobe comes down to the simple rule of "five - one." We take the five most important basic things in the wardrobe and add only one accessory.

It looks, for example, like this.

Five garments

Shirt or blouse

Necessarily white and classic cut! With it begins the possibility of an infinite number of combinations.


Qualitative and without fashionable "excesses" like rhinestones or embroidery.

Reference! Bright decor is not prohibited, but for the basic thing is not suitable.

Solid Pullover

Ideally - from thin cashmere. Colors - blue, beige, gray.


Can be replaced with a trench coat. Coloring similar shades.


You can wear any shoes without heels: ballet flats or loafers.

One accessory

Complementing such an ensemble with an expensive leather bag in contrasting colors, there is no doubt: all the canons of a truly French wardrobe are observed!

The rule of five things will help not to clutter up your closet with unnecessary clothes . By the way, it is recommended to get rid of it from time to time, giving it to the needy, letting it in for handmade or just throwing it away.

Advice! Having compiled the basic set, supplement it for the season with no more than five “non-basic” items.

What other things can go into a wardrobe in French?

The basic things include everything that rushes almost to the holes, without leaving the fashion. Such clothes will help to make up diverse ensembles - trendy and classic. Of course, its quality should be high (which does not mean sky-high price).

Important! Convenience is the best friend of elegance! Shoes interfere with a flying gait, tight jeans, dress up? Find a decent replacement for them!

In addition to the five items of clothing already listed, in the wardrobe of French women there are the following products:

  • T-shirts - white, gray and black;
  • a little black dress - no one has come up with anything more elegant;
  • silk evening blouse;
  • cotton shirt;
  • denim shirt;
  • striped longsleeve;
  • a suit - trouser or with a skirt, whose “partners” are able to enter separately and in other sets;
  • light colored cardigan;
  • skinny jeans - black or dark gray;
  • blue boyfriend jeans;
  • skirt - pencil or a-line;
  • Leather Jacket;
  • a woolen coat of a classic cut.

Having collected the “backbone” of the wardrobe, you can supplement it with new things. It is better to do this according to a pre-compiled list: it will save you from spontaneous purchases, save time and money!

Important! A collection of shoes, accessories and jewelry should not be redundant.

  • Three pairs of shoes for the season will be more than enough: snow-white sneakers, classic pumps with low heels, loafers - and you're almost Sophie Marceau!
  • Three bags of neutral colors are quite enough: a light leather tote, black or dark gray birkin, and a small elegant clutch.

How to achieve French elegance

  • You can look like a true Frenchwoman if you learn to correctly set the color accents of traditional basic colors : white and black, gray and blue, beige and shades of powder. Moderately bright accents of makeup and hairstyle, which does not create the impression that you left the hairdresser five minutes ago, will help to blossom this deliberate pallor.

Important! Having painted your lips with bright red lipstick, keep in mind: there should be no other bright accents!

  • Too much jewelry is a serious fallacy of the French style. Put on your earrings? Let the necklace and bracelet lie in the box until next time. French women like to use silk scarves and scarves as additional jewelry .
  • Stilettos are allowed in the office and at a gala event. For the street, only a low and wide heel is possible.
  • Separate requirements for perfume: it should be only expensive and used very sparingly.
  • Simplicity, moderation, individuality - three pillars of true French elegance, which allow you to competently combine the trendy and universal, democratic and luxury-branded.