Fashionable jewelry on the head this summer

Summer, oh summer! How we are waiting for him, how we want to quickly remove warm clothes and hats so that a fresh breeze blows through our hair. When else, if not in the summer, do we girls wear a variety of accessories on our heads and braid our hair in romantic hairstyles? Today we’ll talk about the most fashionable hair jewelry that all girls are required to try on this summer .

What to wear on your head in the summer of 2019?

The trends of the coming summer look not only very fashionable, they are also very functional. Cool hairpins or elastic bands complement the image, play the role of a pleasant bonus, keep curls tidied and well-groomed. We bring to your attention the most stylish accessories of this season, among which each fashionista will find something suitable for herself.

Flowers in hair

Flower saga continues to capture fashion shows by fashion designers. In addition to a floral print on clothes, jewelry on the head again came into fashion. You can wear flowers in different ways:

  • on the rim;
  • as a hairpin, mounted on a ponytail or bundle;
  • on an elastic band. Choose the flower that you like. Roses, gerberas and even sunflowers are in trend now.


The absolute trend of the summer of 2019 is hairpins with pearls . In the image, they play the role of a peculiar accent: they are attached to the hair in such a way as to remove strands from the face. The best option is to wear them on loose hair (straight or wavy). The decoration should be large enough and noticeable so that it does not look like you took it from a younger sister.

Advice! Buy hairpins with artificial pearls, so that this trend, according to many designers, will not stay in Russia for more than 1-2 seasons. So why spend big money if you can look stylish for mere pennies?

Not only models with pearls can be worn this summer. Do not forget about many other fashionable options, for example:

  • minimalistic hair clips. With them, your hairstyle will never look pretentious, so they are perfect for every day. Usually they are made of metal and have the shape of a circle, heart, stars, other geometric and not only figures;
  • with stones or rhinestones. They were in demand 10 years ago and now. Decorate them with evening hairstyles, and also use everyday. In this case, it is important that the stones are not too large and bright;
  • with cameos. Retro jewelry is another great option to diversify your look. Some of them are made in such a way that they can be worn both as an accessory for hair and as a brooch. A good investment that will look great with a classic white blouse.

Many invisible

Did you think that invisibles are far in the past? No matter how! Get your old stocks out of the bins or buy modern ones, there is practically no difference. True, this season invisibles wear differently - several at once, and even in the most prominent place .

From a series of “invisibles” they were transferred to the category of almost the main trend of spring-summer 2019. There are many options for how to wear invisibility: you can arrange them in even rows in the face, you can create bizarre geometric shapes, and you can also hook them into a chaotic disgrace . Now no one will tell you that you had to hide the invisibility!

Advice! In addition to the usual invisibles, models with jewelry (for example, pearls or rhinestones) or multi-colored options are in fashion. With them, your hairstyle will sparkle with new colors. The main rule - there should be many, very many!

Satin scarf

From now on, a small satin scarf can be tied not only to the neck, but also used in a fashionable hairstyle. How can I tie it? And like this:

  • tie a ponytail or bundle over the elastic;
  • weave into a braid, if the length of the scarf allows;
  • tie a thin strip around the head, like a bandana.

In the case of a handkerchief, we do not recommend complicating anything: the simpler the better. The hit of the season is when the long ends of the shawl “hang out” in a calm position, as if continuing the length of the braid or tail.


A beautiful and modern hair band is the key to a fast and attractive hairstyle. In a matter of minutes, you can create a fashionable image with it that will not look outdated. It is important to choose the right hoop . The following models are in fashion:

  • wide and voluminous rims trimmed with fabric. It’s cool if on the side of the same fabric something like a bow or flower will be made;
  • thin metal hoops. Rhinestones on them faded into the background, now at the peak of popularity options with metal figures, for example, balls or flowers.

Tiara Crown

In an elegant image (for a wedding, graduation, solemn event), the diadem plays a special role. She has long been a classic of festive attire and complements almost any evening dress . If you are not a fan of fanciful images, then choose a small crown in the form of a crest or a thin image . If you want to bring a little originality to the look, then stop at teak - the Indian traditional pendant decoration. Modern fashionistas manage to wear it even in everyday life. It looks amazing.

Rubber bands

At first glance, a banal accessory, an elastic band does not go out of fashion for many, many years. In addition, it is very functional and convenient for long-haired beauties. In the coming summer, pay attention to the following types of gum:

  • springs made of silicone or plastic. They do not leave creases on the hair, and bright colors look great in sunny weather;
  • bulk rubber bands from fabric. Such were worn in the distant 90s and zero, but never again returned to fashion;
  • in an unusual style. In the form of a snake, with a pompom, with a ring-holder, and others will add a cool twist to your look;
  • elastic bands with knitted elements look very comfortable, as if your grandmother recently connected them (which may well be true for yourself). They are appropriate to wear in the winter season.

Retro Accessories

Fashion is cyclical, therefore, from year to year, accessories from the past are trending. Pay attention to vintage hair crabs, pin-up ribbons, thin bandages that are worn on the forehead (if you watched The Great Gatsby, you’ll understand what this is about). Embed retro accessories in modern looks and be the most stylish fashionista in your city!

Cuffs for hair

A novelty among fashionable hair accessories is kaffa. It is a thin chain with elements of a comb at the ends, thanks to which the jewelry is attached in a hairstyle . An unusual version of the cuff is an earring at one end, and a scallop at the other. Such an accessory is best worn with the hair pulled back to demonstrate to the people around the beauty of this new fashion trend.

Rings in the hair

Another fashionable innovation is hair rings. Thin rings are often used on long hair, because braiding is necessary for their attachment. They are fixed right during weaving and are a great complement to the image in casual or street style.

Should I wear a wreath this summer?

A wreath is a typical summer accessory that is associated with summer, nature, rural life. For a photo shoot, you can weave it from fresh wildflowers, but for each day this option will not work. There is no reason to worry: flowers are in trend, which means that wreaths of artificial flowers should be worn in everyday life. Stop on a wreath of small flowers that looks awesome with her hair curled into light curls .