Fashionable jacket for fall-2019

Do you have a favorite jacket? Agree that he occupies a special place in our wardrobe? Indeed, he makes any image stylish . You put on a white T-shirt and blue jeans - no one will even look at your outfit. Add a pretty jacket - and it’s almost a “style icon”. This season, designers were pleased with the new cute models that we will share with you.

What jackets to wear in the fall of 2019

Those who are looking for a new thing, will appreciate the variety of models.


Let's start with the trends. Famous designers are again nostalgic for the eighties. Therefore, at the shows we again see giant shoulders . Oversize fashion also applies there .

Both single-breasted and double-breasted models are now at their peak, absolutely on equal terms. So get anyone to your liking, you will definitely not find yourself on the outskirts of fashion.

Another long-standing trend is inspired either by the love of girls for men's things, or by a return to the roots. Many of the options offered at the shows can not be distinguished from a man's jacket .

The reverse trend is sexy tuxedo jackets that can be worn even on a naked body.

Pajama fashion reached the jackets. Smell patterns evoke cozy associations with home robes.

Asymmetry is still in fashion and is not going to leave the catwalks.

Pay attention to such a trend: a jacket with a zipper . Fasten fast, look cool.

Color and print

Traditional fall colors are in fashion this season: black, many shades of brown and gray, khaki, burgundy, blue .

Reference. In the fall of 2019, white models unusual for rainy days are relevant.

As for the prints, here the designers went wild! Do not be surprised at this riot of colors!

the cloth

For their products, designers still choose traditional fabrics (wool, tweed, etc.) that hold shape well.

And if you want something trendy, then your materials:

  • matte and patent leather;
  • suede;
  • velvet;
  • tweed.

Amidst all this wealth, “hard workers” unexpectedly took the lead - a commonplace jeans. Denim jackets flooded the shows, and there is no escape from them. In denim, almost all existing styles are represented.

Fashionable looks with a jacket

The most interesting thing is how to integrate these trends into everyday life. There are a lot of interesting options!

Simple and comfortable

Comfort in a square, cosiness in a cube, cosmos to an infinite degree - all this is a combination of a gray tweed jacket, jeans, a blue tank and the same color of a scarf . The warmest, most “hugging” bow. And most importantly - everything is as simple as possible, but it is delicious.


Option for plus-size beauties. This is again a tweed, but already minty, again a jeans - but now multi-layered. This, comrades, is casual, but not simple, but only for the brave, not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

With jackets of calm shades, you can also create a vivid image. Color can be compensated for with other wardrobe items! For example, a bright dress or skirt. A bright handbag is also suitable for this. At the beginning of autumn - the most suitable option.


A black or fashionable white jacket will become the basis of an elegant look. Such models are suitable for almost all women.

An open jacket, combined with a matching shirt, first creates the impression of some strange hybrid. And this is a good effect, I want to look at the bow. In addition, it looks very nice in motion.

Here is another option - with a leather jacket. Everything is completely neutral: beige leather shoes, standard blue boyfriend jeans, black turtleneck. But it is the jacket that stands at the forefront, attracting all the attention to itself.

Boho style

The boho style is usually associated with summer: cotton dresses, gladiator sandals and all that. But here's the fall version: a dark brown suede open jacket with fringe, jeans with twists and uggs. A blouse on buttons with a milky color adds tenderness to the image.


Not just a bright, but even daring image with a black leather jacket. For those who have something to say with their appearance. The image also fits with a print T-shirt, a gold corrugated skirt, and even a choker.

We agree that this season we have plenty to choose from?