Does the girl need to pierce the ears?

The concept of beauty and femininity in many parents is strongly associated with earrings. Do I need to pierce my daughter's ears and at what age is it better to do? We will talk about this later.

Is it possible to pierce the ears of a little girl?

Opinions were divided on this issue. Psychologists recommend doing this for up to a year. Their argument is simple - a ten-month-old baby is not yet susceptible to negative perception, while at three years old he can experience real stress, which is fraught with the rejection of jewelry.

Moms want to see daughters as little princesses, hoping for less infection of wounds from punctures in infancy.

Nevertheless, experts cite a number of serious arguments against early piercing:

  1. The duration of healing of the urine and the duration of discomfort.
  2. Drug restriction for infants.
  3. Pain and bleeding of wounds due to frequent clinging of earrings for clothes or involuntary attempts by a girl to disrupt an obstructing object.
  4. Danger of swallowing a small shiny jewelry.
  5. The possibility of developing allergies.
  6. You can touch the numerous nerve endings concentrated in the earlobe. This is fraught even with a delay in the development of the psyche of the child.


Of course, you should know and contraindications for punctures:

  • ear diseases, including chronic;
  • the development of serious skin diseases, diabetes, etc .;
  • acute course of colds and flu (at least two weeks after recovery);
  • problems with blood coagulation and tissue healing;
  • blood diseases
  • immunodeficiency;
  • high sensitivity to pain;
  • allergic reactions;
  • general malaise of crumbs;
  • threat of keloid scars.

Best age for piercing the ears of a girl

From a psychological point of view, a favorable age is from the eighth to the tenth month of life. It is believed that such children feel less pain and quickly forget about it.

Pediatricians insist to postpone this manipulation until three years. It is at this age that immunity is formed and it is easier to fight against possible infections. And the baby herself will already more consciously react to such a procedure.

In general, doctors advise, in order to avoid the formation of skin scars, to do this before 11 years.

Parents are most often guided by the desire of their child.

The choice of time of year for piercing the ears of the child according to doctors

How to avoid unpleasant consequences? Are they related to the season? Mums and grandmothers should think about this first.

Medical experts are sure that it is not necessary to carry out the procedure in winter and late autumn. Among the dangerous factors:

  • the possibility of hypothermia;
  • danger of catching an earring on the threads of woolen sweaters and hats, which leads to damage to delicate ears.

It is not recommended to do this in the summer because of the heat and dustiness of the atmosphere, which leads to a possible inflammation of the wounds and the duration of their healing.

Important! The optimum favorable period is in May and September.

Piercing methods

How to perform a puncture? Which method is right for your child? You can solve these issues by consulting with specialists.

Several professional piercing techniques for children are known:

1. Disposable catheter needle. Its main advantage: the choice of instrument for the size of the lobe. This simple procedure is carried out manually and consists of several stages:

  • disinfection of the ear field;
  • marking the desired point;
  • piercing and threading the earrings;
  • applying a healing cream.

Important! Recommended for teenage girls who are tolerant of pain and are not afraid of doctors.

2. Reusable gun. Preparation and processing are carried out similarly to the previous method. The mechanism is “charged” with a pre-selected stud earring. The earlobe is fixed with a special holder and at the time of the “shot” is pierced by the tip of the earring itself.

Advantages of the method:

  • there is little danger of the appearance of a skin keloid scar, since the wound is punctured, and not lacerated;
  • instant puncture is almost painless.

On a note! This tool is not completely sterile, it has a standard set of earrings, and the sound of a shot can scare the baby.

3. Disposable "System 75". This is a fully sterile stapler-type device with a disposable cartridge.


  • no extraneous contact with jewelry;
  • special sharpening of “cloves” eliminates tearing of the fabric;
  • fast healing;
  • the risk of complications is negligible.

Where to pierce?

For every mother, the safety of her child is first and foremost. Prepare properly for this serious step.

Visit a pediatrician to see if the girl has normal sugar and general blood counts.

Consult an ophthalmologist to see if your child has a healthy vision. At the slightest problems with the eyes, it is better to abandon the procedure.

It is also recommended to take samples for possible allergens, in particular nickel.

Disposable tools for ear piercing in salons.

Choose a suitable health facility or beauty salon.

Advice! Go to professionals with relevant training documents. Do not risk the health of the baby by contacting the first hairdresser that comes across.

A qualified beautician guarantees you:

  • puncture point safety;
  • painlessness of the procedure;
  • minimal risk of complications.

Buy a pair of earrings from a special medical alloy. After healing, they can be exchanged for another model. The main thing for the baby is their lightness, the absence of pointed angles, the strength of the fastener.

What kind of earrings to choose for piercing?

This requires a lot of responsibility.

Important! In no case should you put on cheap alloys and jewelry for babies, massive earrings and gold with "hanging" pebbles.

When choosing earrings for children, follow important tips:

  • at the time of puncture, it is better to choose jewelry made of special hypoallergenic steel, titanium compounds or bioflex, and after healing they can be changed to gold or silver;
  • Initially, these should be standard “carnations” in the form of hearts, triangles, balls, etc.
  • the surface of jewelry should be smooth and not have a single sharp detail, protrusion, burr (to avoid scratches on the skin);
  • older girls can wear small pebbles, for babies - it is better without them;
  • An ideal fastener that a child cannot open himself : a “carnation” or an English one that does not press on the earlobe.

Important! Lightness of earrings is required. Otherwise, the girl, feeling heavy, will feel inconvenience and discomfort.

In any case, parents will have to solve the dilemma of ear piercing their daughter. To do this up to a year or to a well-defined teenager is an individual issue that requires medical advice. Turn to experienced professionals, and then your baby will become a real fairy-tale princess, as they say, "do not take your eyes off."