DIY transforming backpack bag

The original design of the backpack-transformer allows you to use this accessory with a variety of clothes, from sports to office. Thanks to the special structure of the pen holder, the stylish bag is easily converted into a fashionable backpack. This wardrobe item has a good capacity. At the same time, he looks appropriate with both an elegant dress and a denim suit.

The advantage of this accessory is that it can be worn both in the form of a bag and in the form of a backpack. Therefore, many people like these things.

Materials and tools for the manufacture of transformer

An important feature of this backpack is that it can be made from almost any material.

HELP . To create a summer model, it is recommended to use thin, natural and semi-synthetic fabrics.

In this case, the base is additionally strengthened with doubler or flizofiksom. As an alternative, a foam layer or synthetic winterizer is suitable. There are a lot of options, the specific choice depends on design preferences.

In order to stitch such a transformer, it is necessary to prepare the following.

  • Vlieseline Vliesofix with double-sided adhesive coating.
  • Neoprene fabric with parameters of 0.55 mx 1.4 m.
  • Genuine or artificial skin.
  • Gunny 1.6 on 0.45 m.
  • 35 cm zipper
  • Three metal or plastic buckles.
  • Additional elements are a skein of thread, scissors, a standard centimeter ruler and pins.
  • 2 straps of 0.85 m each, equipped with carbines.

Building a pattern of a backpack-transformer

The first step in the manufacture of any textile product is a drawing of a pattern on thick paper.

  • The first 2 elements are rectangles. The largest has sides 33 by 23 centimeters.
  • The second has a more elongated shape with dimensions of 13 by 43 cm.
  • Next, you need to put on a paper sheet a small circle whose radius is 14 cm.
  • These parameters are created taking into account allowances for seams and overlock processing of fabric.

IMPORTANT! At the second stage, each detail of the pattern should be carefully cut and fixed on the fabric.

How to sew a do-it-yourself backpack transformer

For the round base of the transformer bag, you will need to use 3 layers: neoprene, matting and Vlieseline Vliesofix with double-sided adhesive coating.

IMPORTANT! The height of the backpack and the length of the straps can be changed depending on the height. The presence of even a little experience in building patterns will allow you to create a transformer bag without any special difficulties. The standard geometric shape of the details makes the sewing process quite simple.

  • After cutting the corresponding parts, the first 2 blanks in the form of circles must be glued with an iron. All 3 fabrics, including a non-woven layer, should be placed on the ironing board. Iron for 1.5 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.
  • Similarly, you need to connect the patterns of an elongated rectangle created from leather, flizofiksa and neoprene fabric.
  • Further, the resulting part with the long side will need to be sewn straight or with any other seam to the circle. In this case, you need to retreat 10 mm from the side.
  • The formation of the backpack continues through the manufacture of patterns 33 by 23 centimeters in one instance: from neoprene and matting.
  • Created parts are stitched along the widest side. Lightning is attached to the top formed, while the sections do not bend.
  • Then they are glued two ribbons with sides 2 by 44 cm, previously cut from leather. Then they are additionally stitched manually or on a sewing machine.
  • Then we grind the side seams of the backpack and fasten 2 buckles to different ends of the zipper.
  • For pens, it is necessary to cut 4 rectangular pieces 6 × 45 cm, two per handle. Additionally, these tapes must be combined with a square two-centimeter jumper. The finished straps are threaded through the buckles and fixed on the Vlieseline Vliesofix with an iron. Perform stitches at the side seams.

  • For buckle No. 3, 2.5 to 5 cm loops should be cut from the leather cut. Stitch to the fabricated base of the backpack, made from glued parts.
  • Now you just need to connect the bottom and top of the transformer with a seam from the inside. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the need for joining the lower side seam with the upper seam.

Multifunctional women bag is ready.