DIY sled bag

Sledding is one of the favorite winter activities of adults and children. Sledding is a safer option for snowboarding. Sitting in them, you can conquer the snow-covered slides. Each kid will be happy with such an “extreme”, and parents will not worry about the health of the child, because it is almost impossible to drop out of the sled.

To make the sledges not only a fascinating entertainment, but also a universal means of transportation for the baby, bags and covers for the sleigh were invented. They serve for transportation in sledges with a rigid handle of things of various sizes . Thanks to the reliable fastening and the dense material of which the bag is made, it can be used in any weather conditions - things will remain dry. A cover for the sleigh will make the baby's walk more comfortable and warm.

REFERENCE! A bag and a cover for a sleigh are also convenient in that it is very simple, quick and easy to remove, wash and dry them.

What you need for sewing bags

Resourceful mothers decided not to spend money on buying expensive luggage and created a way to make this useful thing with their own hands.

We will consider two ways of creating: with and without a pattern .

For a bag with a pattern

We will need the following.

  • Sewing machine.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle.
  • A thread.
  • A sheet of paper and a pen for the pattern.
  • Fur black fabric.
  • The fabric is black.
  • Batting is black.
  • Foam rubber.
  • Fleece white and black.
  • Black buttons - 2 pcs.
  • The mouline thread is black.
  • The sling is black.
  • Gabardine is black.
  • Two Velcro.

Simplified version

Sewing involves the use of such materials.

  • Thin mattress for a crib.
  • Unnecessary adult down jacket.
  • Synthetic fluff.
  • Ropes
  • Scissors.
  • Thread and needle, pins.

REFERENCE! The use of a sewing machine for this option is not provided, the work can be done manually.

How to sew a sled bag

Sewing a sleigh cover is a time-consuming process, but the result is definitely worth the effort.

The first way - with a pattern

To create a bag, you must follow these points.


  • First, create a pattern for the specified or your own sizes.

  • Cut out a pattern for the seat from the fur fabric, adding a 2 cm margin to the size.
  • From the raincoat fabric, remove the footboard, also adding a couple of centimeters to the length.
  • Cut out a common part for the seat and the footrest 75 cm long from the raincoat fabric, taking into account the pattern provided above.
  • Similarly, cut a 75 cm long strip from batting.
  • From the foam cut out a pattern for a seat the same size as the fur in paragraph 2.
  • Stitch to each other a fur pattern for sitting and a part for a footboard from raincoat fabric.
  • From a gabardine cut a small part measuring 19 by 19 cm. Fold it in half and stitch the edge.
  • Turn inside out, stitch the remaining edges. Cut excess threads and edges.


  • Sew two Velcro on the gabardine “envelope” with the soft side down.

  • With the sticky side up, fasten the Velcro to the cloak fabric in the center relative to the width and indented 5 cm relative to the length.
  • According to the specified algorithm, create two more Velcro lengths of 8 cm.
  • Stitch them onto the same raincoat fabric: one indented 23 cm from the seat, the other from the bottom of the footboard 8 cm.


  • Sew face-to-face details from raincoat fabric and fur.
  • Trim the excess around the edges. Turn inside out.
  • Put foam on a batting. Sew them together in stitches.
  • Put foam and batting inside the fur seat. Spread it out.
  • Stitch two sticky pieces.

The result of the work in the photo.

The second method - without a pattern

  • Cut out a children's mattress or any insulated fabric to fit the sleigh.

  • Turn the jacket upside down and attach to the sled.
  • Mark the cut line of the sleeves.
  • Insert the mattress into the jacket and evenly distribute.
  • Turn the jacket inside out, stitch all the holes from the sleeves and for the head.
  • Designate a place for ties.
  • Use the ropes, thread them through the jacket, tie on a stiff handle.

IMPORTANT! From the sleeves from the down jacket you can sew a comfortable and soft pillow for the baby. Just sew them, leaving room for stuffing. Then fill tightly, stitch along the edges and that’s it!

Enjoy your sleigh ride with a wonderful and warm bag-cover.