DIY pea suit for a boy

The green pea suit for the boy is interesting and unusual. It is not often possible to fulfill such a role at the holiday. So, the choice of the idea of ​​a costume must be approached responsibly. Storming shops to find the best outfit is optional. Each mother can make a pea costume on her own. The article will talk about how to do it yourself.

Variants of the suit "Peas"

One prerequisite is that the costume should be bright green. Outfit models can be different:

  1. Option based on green hats and vests, as well as basic clothing in suitable shades.
  2. Model consisting of overalls and a hat.
  3. Costume with a mask on his head, trousers and a vest.

We make a pea costume for a boy with our own hands

Consider the option based on hats, vests and basic clothes. To perform this outfit do not need the skills of a professional seamstress. The patterns are quite simple, taking complex measurements is not required.

Costume Materials

To make peas you will need:

  • The fabric is green. Satin or lining is ideal, but if there are none, you can rethink your wardrobe. Perhaps the old curtains are perfect or the hem of a fashionable dress is no longer.

By the way! It is better to use a fabric that will not wrinkle. The boys are very agile and inquisitive. It’s impossible to sit on a stool calmly even for 5 minutes. The costume should maintain a presentable appearance throughout the holiday.

  • Cotton wool for peas.
  • Green satin ribbon.
  • Green T-shirt and shorts.
  • White thick paper.

Manufacturing tools

A set of tools to complete the suit is simple.

A moment of attention! The only difficulty can be a sewing machine. If it is not in the house, then this fact is not a reason to refuse sewing. The model does not involve a large number of seams. You can execute them manually.

To make a pea costume yourself, you will need:

  • scissors;
  • threads in tone;
  • linen gum;
  • gouache paint;
  • sewing machine (if any).

Step-by-step manufacturing of the main part of the costume

The basic part of the costume consists of a T-shirt, shorts and a cape. A t-shirt and shorts can be selected from the child’s everyday clothes. Any knit kit for the garden is suitable. The main thing - clothes should be monophonic.

On a note! Polo shirts look great. They are dense and look elegant. And most often they are monophonic.

When the T-shirt and shorts are picked up, they begin to manufacture the characteristic elements of the costume.

This work involves several steps:

Stage 1. Production of vests. For this, it is necessary to apply any children's T-shirt or T-shirt to the green fabric. Cut 2 parts along the contour. Then shoulder seams are performed. The edges are processed. There is no need to stitch the sides. Satin ribbons are sewn on the sides (2 on each side). These ribbons serve as ties for the vest, hold it on the child. This design is convenient in that the vest does not slip, but also does not hamper the movements of the young actor.

Stage 2. When the vest is ready, you can start decorating it. To do this, cut out peas from white paper. Diameter not less than 5-6 centimeters. They are painted over with green gouache. It’s better to pick up several shades darker or lighter than the color of the wrap. When the peas are dry, they are sewn with several stitches to the vest from the armhole along the entire length, like buttons on a jacket.

By the way! If mom draws well, then instead of peas, you can depict a whole pod and also fix it in the middle of the cape. But the pea pod must be large, otherwise it will be lost against the background of the suit.

Stage 3. When everything is ready, the clothes must be ironed.

Hat for "peas"

Even trying on a basic model, the boy will turn into a mischievous and beautiful peas. But the image will be incomplete. You can make it perfect with a hat. Moreover, it is not difficult at all.

  1. To make a hat, you will need the same fabric that was used for the vest. It is necessary to cut a circle with a diameter of at least 30-40 centimeters. Along the edge it is pulled together with an elastic band.
  2. Headdress is trying on a child. If all goes well, you can start making peas.
  3. For peas, you need cotton. Balls are formed from it. It is better to make the balls approximately the same size. Each ball is covered with a green cloth, a satin ribbon is sewn at the base. Pea is ready! These peas need to make 3-5 pieces.
  4. When all the peas are collected, they are sewn to the hat. To do this, determine the crown and sew the ribbon with free ends to the headgear. The peas will hang playfully on the hat.

Any boy will be delighted with such fun on his head. He will definitely not want to take off his hat during the holiday.

How can I complement a pea costume

Any outfit can be decorated with very inconspicuous details. They are not striking, but make the image complete and unusual. For the "pea" such details are:

  1. Medal on the chest with the image of a pea pod. There is a picture for the medal on the Internet. It is printed on a color printer and glued onto thick cardboard. It is better to catch such a medal with thread on clothes.
  2. Pea pods are not only delicious peas, but also beautiful leaves. Green leaves can be glued to a hat or cape. It is better to make them from shreds of green dense fabric. Felt is good.
  3. Round cotton polka dots look good not only on the hat. They decorate sandals and socks. But here it is important to consider safety and not to use long ribbons and ties. No one needs injuries during the holiday, and long ties - a reason to stumble and fall.

Children's holiday is always fun and interesting. Every child is looking forward to it. The suit of peas, made by caring mother's hands, the baby will appreciate. The holiday, without a doubt, will be one of the most memorable moments of his childhood!