DIY fur bag

Bag - a necessary, status accessory. Fur product - in particular. Consider in detail the step-by-step instructions on how to make a fashionable handbag from old things with your own hands. It’s not difficult to sew such a bag on your own, you need only accuracy and patience, as well as some preparation for work. Decor (a pen, lock, rings, key rings, etc.) is best thought out in advance so as not to be distracted by trifles during sewing.

Necessary materials and tools

When furrier works , the following devices are used:

  • Sharp dangerous razor. A scalpel, a clerical knife, an ordinary razor blade from a reusable machine tool are also suitable.

Important! We do not use scissors when working with fur NEVER!

  • Strong, preferably silk threads. If cotton - then No. 20.
  • Substrate for cutting. A piece of linoleum will do.
  • Ball pen.
  • Lining fabric.
  • Cushioning fabric, adhesive, non-woven.
  • If the bag should be voluminous, then you need a synthetic winterizer.
  • Awl. To them we will pierce the skin in several layers.
  • Zipper, wallet clasp, depending on the model.
  • Rings, half rings, brooches, buttons and other decorative elements.

Advice! If you want to work with fur on a sewing machine, then get a special foot for suede.

Materials for the bag:

  • Sheepskin . It holds its shape perfectly, it does not require a lining, if it is made qualitatively.
  • Astrakhan. For retro style handbags.
  • Arctic fox . They can be used for tailoring, and for decoration - paws, tail.
  • Mink. Beautiful, but expensive fur, more common as decorative elements.
  • Rabbit. Universal skins, pre-reject thin spots.
  • Faux fur. Any kind, in any combination, will decorate your product.

How to sew a bag of fur with your own hands?

Fur preparation:

  • We select and make patterns of patterns.
  • We take into account all the tucks, tucks. Mark the clasp, decorative elements.

  • Check the density of the mezra. If there are thin, tattered areas, then we do not use them, or we additionally strengthen the adhesive.
  • Straighten the skin on the substrate, with the skin up. Do not forget to take into account the direction of the fur pile.
  • Details of the belt, gaskets, etc. are also performed on paper, cardboard or wallpaper.

Cut fur (photo):

  • On the prepared skin we lay out all the blanks of the pattern, which should be fur. Cut in one layer.
  • We try to avoid holes, as well as areas near them, the skin there is very thin.
  • On the mezdra we transfer the contours of the patterns, leave allowances of 0.5-1 cm. We sign the blanks.
  • With a sharp razor, carefully cut out the details on the substrate. We try to cut through only the meat, without touching the pile. For this reason, we do not use scissors, they cut the fur from neighboring sites.

  • From the lining fabric we cut out the details of the lining with seam allowances.
  • From the cushioning fabric, cut blanks without allowances.

Important! Fur is sewn by hand, more often with a seam “over the edge”, but other options are possible.

Denim Combo Fur Bag

First you need to make patterns:

  1. The main side part is 2 parts. Fur.
  2. The bottom with sidewalls - 1 part with a fold. Denim.
  3. Top trim - 2 parts. Denim.
  4. Strap, you can use the finished or chain.

We offer a classic pattern below:

We cut out:

  • We duplicate the main details with the lining fabric and the gasket.
  • First, we sew the lock between the main part and the edge.

  • Sew on the bottom.
  • Close the zipper.

  • Sew the lining, leaving a small area open.

  • We turn out the lining.
  • Sew the “window”.
  • Turn out the bag.
  • We sew holders for a belt or handles.
  • Decorate.

Denim Combo Fur Bag

Bag bag

It is more convenient to make a product from faux fur, since its pattern is a square.


  • The main part with bends on the sides and one-piece edging - 2 pcs.
  • Cord for fastener.
  • Handles - 2 parts with a fold. Determine the width yourself.
  • We cut out details from fur and lining fabric. On the lining we do not leave a trim.
  • We sew fur blanks together.
  • Bend the inside of the grinder.

Similarly, we process the lining:

  • We turn the bag inside out, put on the lining on top, face out.
  • Sew the lining to the bag envelope on the hands or on the machine.
  • We turn out.
  • With an awl we make holes for the cord. If there is a collet tool, then you can put blocks. If not, then slightly expand the hole, for example, with a pencil, sheathe it tightly with threads.
  • We hang the cord.
  • We cut, bend, sew the handles. For durability, laces can be inserted inside.
  • Sew handles on the front of the bag in a convenient way.

Decorate to your liking.

Fur bag modeling

It is convenient to make fur products, taking into account the peculiarities of skins:

  • we cut any whole pattern into arbitrary pieces or according to the drawing;
  • we make details;
  • we cut out;
  • we sew together into a common blank.

Then we sew in a convenient way.

Bag care

Do not try to wash your purse, it is better to give dry cleaning.

Advice! Avoid using fur bags in rainy or snowy conditions. If the bag is still wet, then dry thoroughly away from heating appliances.

Bags can be of various shapes and styles. It is not necessary to choose patterns for fur models, just remember that the fur stretches and needs additional fixation.