DIY fireman costume

Children love to dream, to dream. In their dreams, they become doctors and actors, astronauts and police officers. Does your son burn with a desire to become a firefighter? Rejoice - he is ready to fight the fire element.

Give your child a piece of happiness - sew the vestments of a fire tamer and you will not be disappointed.

A firefighter costume is a great choice for a kindergarten for a matinee, especially for a boy.

What does a fireman’s workwear suit consist of?

The basis of the equipment of the lord of fire is a jacket and trousers of bright red, yellow or light brown color. The selection of a specific shade is best left to the future fireman, which will give him pleasure and give confidence and joy from working together.

On the feet of the firefighter, you need to choose the right shoes. It can be low ankle boots, boots, berets. On hands - long waterproof mittens or gaiters. Ideally, they are sewn from canvas or rubberized fabric. But despite the fact that the child needs the costume for the game, you can use light thin skin, leatherette, etc.

The final touch in the clothes of a young fireman is a helmet or helmet made from improvised materials and decorated with a special cockade . In the kit, they will help the hero protect his body when extinguishing a fire.

It should be remembered about the accessories necessary for a firefighter in work. These include gas mask, walkie-talkie, fire extinguisher, hatchet, which are attached to the belt.

What will be needed for tailoring a suit?

To form a heroic image of a fireman it’s enough to buy all the necessary attributes on the market or in a special store. But a set of clothes sewn with your own hands will become the pride of your child. Therefore, you must first prepare the right materials for the job.

For the most real kind of fire handler you will need:

  • 2-3 sheets of dense white paper, size 1x1 m;
  • thin cardboard;
  • pencils, ruler, scissors, pins;
  • watercolor paints or gouache;
  • dense fabric for jackets and trousers;
  • PVA glue, threads, needles, stapler;
  • tapes 3-3.5 cm wide contrasting yellow or red, preferably with a luminescent coating;
  • stickers with logos of the Ministry of Emergencies, 01.

Having prepared everything for work, you can begin the process of cutting and sewing a masterpiece.

Stages of creating a children's fire uniform

First of all, you need to mentally see the finished outfit, its shape, color. Then translate the project into reality.

Children's fireman costume

For him you need:

1. Take measurements from the child.

2. A sketch of the overalls according to the measurements taken is applied to the paper . If there is a desire to make a child a surprise - it is allowed to transfer the sketch from the appropriate clothes of the baby. At the same time, the sleeves and trousers are made a little looser than on the sample.

3. The fabricated pattern is cut out and pins onto the prepared fabric using pins . The outline is drawn in chalk.

Attention! When manufacturing an outline, we must not forget about tolerances on welds with a width of 5-7 mm, depending on the density and flowability of the material.

4. The product blank is cut along the line . Then it must be swept away and turned on the front side.

5. On the sleeves, chest, back, and trousers, tape strips of a contrasting shade are located, preferably with a luminescent or silver coating . They also need to gain; hide the edges in the side seams. Check the accuracy of the ribbons, double stitch.

6. On the seamy side, using a sewing machine, sew and overcast seams. Stitch cuffs, bottom of jacket and trousers. Stitch up the collar.

7. Tuck the belt of trousers and hem. Push in the gum.

8. To make the tailored fire uniform look more real, attach the EMERCOM or 01 logo on the chest and back.

Headdress making

A helmet or helmet will protect the young Ministry of Emergency Situations from injuries during fire fighting. Therefore, its creation must be approached with all seriousness.

First of all, measure the circumference of the boy’s head, grasping his forehead and neck. This will be the base of the product. To find out its height, a gap is measured from the forehead to the middle of the crown of the head.

On a cardboard, draw two parallel lines corresponding to a girth of + 2 cm and fasten the edges with a stapler or glue. The result is a ring.

Now we need to draw triangles, where the base is 2 cm, and the length of each side is equal to the height of the headgear + 2 cm. The result is an isosceles triangle. Carefully cut the petals with scissors and glue them to the prepared rim. The result is a crown with the same teeth.

To assemble the frame, you need to connect and glue the tops of the petals. After drying the connected parts, paste the workpiece with a Whatman paper and paint with red gouache. Attach a cockade in front.

The comforter is cut from the same canvas as the main decoration. It is attached to the back on the bottom of the finished helmet and should reach the middle of the shoulder blades, while covering the neck.


To give the child more joy and pleasure, the decoration of the fire extinguisher must be provided with proper equipment. First of all, it is a fire extinguisher, which can be made from a plastic bottle covered with bright red paper.

You cut an ax out of painted cardboard, get a walkie-talkie in a toy store. Attach all these attributes to the belt that surrounds your hero firefighter.

Participating in the process of tailoring the uniform of the fireman, the boy will receive true satisfaction. His dream came true, he is a real fireman. And let this suit not look as elegant as bought in a store. The main thing is that it was made with one's own hands, albeit with the help of parents.