DIY Carry Bag

A carrying bag is needed to make cats feel comfortable when moving or moving to a new place. Even better if there are several such accessories. In specialized pet stores, such accessories are usually expensive. Therefore, in order to save money, you can sew such a bag with your own hands from available materials at hand.

Types of Cat Carriers

Carrying bags are most often classified by the type of material used. They may be:

  • cloth;
  • plastic;
  • wicker.

For the cold season, it is better to choose insulated options. And for the spring-summer period, on the contrary, you need a lightweight product that freely lets air through.

From which you can sew a carrying bag for a cat

The easiest way to make a fabric accessory . It is recommended to buy waterproof materials. And for additional air intake, a mesh hole can be provided. So, the cat will feel in more comfortable conditions.

We sew a carrying bag for a cat

First you need to choose the model of the future bag and prepare all the necessary materials and tools. In this example, consider the manufacturing process of a product with long handles.

Bag pattern

To build the scheme, it is necessary to make some measurements of the pet.

  • The length of the bag is equal to the length of the cat from the inside of the front paw to the tail (A).
  • The height of the product is the growth of the pet from the surface of the earth to the neck (B).

It is important to consider that the pet can freely change its position, without constraining movements. The height of the container should be sufficient so that the cat can stand on its paws, and also not be clamped from the side of the tail or head. Therefore, the measurements obtained are multiplied by 1.5.

The drawing will consist of a side, bottom and handles. We draw a product pattern on paper. The scheme is pretty simple. We use the size of the pet, and also take into account the size of the mounts. It is necessary to leave a few centimeters in order to sew the zippers and process the seam. You can cut out the layout from paper. It is folded as the finished product will look. The layout will help to eliminate possible inaccuracies in sewing and in the calculations themselves.

If the pattern fits the size and everything matches the future product, then we put paper on the fabric, and cut out all the details. Do not forget that they must be in two copies: for the main fabric and lining.

We prepare materials and tools

In order to sew a carrying bag for a cat, the following materials will be required:

  • the fabric that will be the basis of the carrier (preferably “breathable” material);
  • lining fabric;
  • foam rubber;
  • cardboard or other dense material for the bottom of the bag;
  • sewing machine;
  • accessories and sewing accessories: zipper, threads, locks or buttons;
  • net for a small "window".

We sew the basis for carrying

To stitch a carry, follow these steps:

  • We apply the pattern to the base fabric, pad material and foam and cut out the elements.
  • We notice the side seam of the base material and the lining.
  • Sew on the side of the foam.
  • Sew the bottom to the sides of the bag from the lining fabric.
  • Take a cardboard or plywood and insert between the main material.
  • Then we put foam between the lining.
  • We notice the side seams in order to fix the frame more strongly.
  • Sew the zipper to the upper carrying element.
  • We make pens of the required length.

On a note! Handles can be made from belts that are no longer in use. Or take ready-made straps from an old product.

Final stage

After the main work on the manufacture is completed, you can proceed to decorate the bag. For an interesting creation of interesting jewelry it is recommended to use such materials: sequins, beads, beads, fur or ready-made applications . It all depends on personal tastes and preferences, as well as on the materials available. The following decor techniques can be distinguished:

  • Embroidery. This technique is perfect for fabrics made of cotton, jeans or other material. You can sew ribbons, beads or sequins.
  • Application. This method is applicable for transfers of oilcloth, suede or plastic. It is important to use clear glue and tweezers, which will help quickly remove excess composition.

REFERENCE! After gluing the elements, you need to wait two days before using the accessory. Firstly, the decor will completely stick, and secondly, the smell of glue will disappear.

Thanks to a convenient and functional carrying bag, transporting your favorite pet will be much more comfortable and safer. You can make such a handbag yourself for a couple of evenings.