Decoration for intimidation

Most of us are accustomed to perceive jewelry as an integral part of the female image. Cute earrings, delicate pendants, bewitching bracelets and extravagant rings - how sweet all this to a female heart! But do jewelry always fulfill its role precisely as jewelry?

Recently, unusual jewelry has become very common, which is not only scary, but also shocking. But you can’t say that they appeared only now.

Background of Creepy Ornaments

Even in medieval Europe, one could see chains decorated with images of skulls. Many hermits and monks wore jewelry depicting skulls symbolizing the mortality of worldly life.

But in the culture of the Indians of both North and South America, it was customary to decorate themselves with the teeth, scalps, bones of dead opponents.

The image of parts of the human body and creepy animals was used to create jewelry from the most ancient times. True, then most often they were made not of metal, stone or bone, but really from the remains of the bodies of people and animals.

Modern jewelry that causes horror and rejection

Today, a variety of technological materials can reproduce any form. Even the most realistic images are within the power of polymers, since they have the widest color palette.


Some hand-made workshops, and sometimes large jewelry chains, produce products with the image of the eyes. Moreover, the most harmless option may be just realistic eyes of a person or a cat. Designers love to place them symmetrically on earrings. Also very often the image of the eye in specific jewelry is found on rings. It looks very strange and shocking, since in this case the eyes are already made large in size. Big-eyed symbols can be found on necklaces and bracelets.

Modern materials allow you to reproduce all the anatomical details of the eye, down to the rays and specks on the iris.

Well, the most creepy are the eyes of monsters with red veins and bloodied parts of the eyelids. Such a “charm” is often made in the form of a ring on which one huge eye flaunts in the middle.

Severed fingers

Bloodstained severed fingers often adorn key rings. The spectacle is truly awesome - the stumps of fingers in blood and marbled pale color. They can cause nothing but rejection and disgust!

Parts of the human body

Not only eyes and fingers, but also other parts of the human body can be found as jewelry. On pendants there are pendants in the form of a heart, an ear, or even a whole head . And if this is a heart, then you should not think that it is a pretty heart. No - this is a real bloodied heart with all the anatomical details, vessels and veins protruding from it. Only thoughts of cannibalism come to mind.

Bestial feet

Real or, more precisely, looking as natural as possible, the legs of animals or birds can adorn necklaces and bracelets. Sometimes they are even made in the form of earrings. It looks like witchcraft attributes.

Octopus and snakes

Sometimes, in order to create original necklaces or bracelets, octopus and octopus tentacles are used. It feels like an octopus is sitting on its neck, which is trying to entangle its neck with its tentacles.

But if octopuses are not so popular and often used images for different types of jewelry, then snakes are a favorite object of the animal world among jewelers.

They look less disgusting - true, if only a person does not suffer from the fear of snakes. A small snake or a huge python can be found both in an elegant ring, and in bracelets, and in necklaces.

One of the favorite images in ancient Egypt was a snake. This image has often been exploited to create any kind of jewelry. Bracelets around the forearm were especially popular. That is, they were not worn on the wrist, but between the shoulder and elbow.

Scary stuffed animals

Now there are stuffed animals imitating real animals. And they are used on jewelry such as:

  • hair band;
  • comb supporting the hairstyle;
  • a strange and creepy-looking necklace.

They make such small figures from real fur and insert eyes and nose imitating real ones. Therefore, the appearance of such an animal is very naturalistic. It is hard to imagine who would like to decorate themselves with such a trinket.

Where to wear such jewelry

Of course, there may be people who want to shock the public. But nevertheless, most often they wear such original and scary decorations at the same time only on Halloween in Western countries.

But in Mexico they adorn themselves with similar products with terrible images for the day of the dead, when they remember their departed ancestors.

If there is a desire to decorate yourself with "original" jewelry, then they can be found in abundance on the handmade exchanges.