Caught in a leather jacket in the rain? How to keep a jacket

Leather jacket at all times will be in trend. She looks stylish, and in combination with various bows gives both femininity and strength, masculinity and courage. In autumn, it is simply irreplaceable! But exposure to moisture can harm natural skin . With improper care, such a thing will quickly lose its appearance. On the surface there will be spots, creases, the skin will become rough and will quickly become worthless. What to do? We will save a jacket that has fallen in the rain!

How to dry a wet jacket

If the leather product has been exposed to moisture, do not panic. It is necessary at the first opportunity to conduct a series of resuscitation measures. But first you need to learn a few very important rules.

You can’t do this

  • You can’t immediately put the wet jacket in the closet . This will very badly affect all the things that are there. Before you hang any clothes for storage in a confined space, even for a short period, it should be carefully prepared.
  • It is forbidden to hang a wet jacket on the back of a chair, a coat hook, doors or doorknobs, or clothesline . And also on everything where the skin will break and deform.
  • It is necessary to refuse drying under the influence of high temperatures . Strict taboos are a hairdryer, iron, drying on a battery and even a fan. From hot air, the skin is deformed and becomes hard. Therefore, wet clothing should be kept away from all heating appliances or open flames.

Drying rules

  • In order to properly hang the jacket, you need ordinary shoulders, suitable in size. On too small shoulders, the skin will deform in the shoulder area. And on too large sleeves will stretch out and suffer.

Important! Be sure to empty your pockets of keys, mobile phone, wallet and other things. Under their weight, the material can stretch, and the thing will look worn.

  • Remove moisture from the surface of the skin . This can be done with a fabric that is highly hygroscopic. To do this, use a microfiber cloth or an ordinary terry towel.

  • The best thing you can do for your favorite thing in such a situation is to let it dry naturally. Leave it in a ventilated room away from direct sunlight and any best heating appliances.

How to return a high-quality look to a jacket

After the jacket is completely dry, it must be put back in shape.

  • To begin with, you should smooth the material well . This is done manually or by iron through 3-5 layers of dry gauze at the lowest possible temperature . First you need to turn the jacket inside out .
  • Next, you need to apply a special caring emulsion. It moisturizes the skin and prevents the formation of creases in the future, and also makes the surface shiny and smooth. The emulsion can be purchased in specialized stores.

Important! Never use shoe care products to care for outerwear!

The leather used for sewing shoes is much rougher than for clothes. Therefore, compositions for shoes have a high concentration of active substances. This can be detrimental to leather jackets.

Preventative treatment: so that the rain is not scary

In order not to worry about your favorite thing and not constantly monitor weather reports, you should always be prepared for precipitation. This can be done by treating the skin with special water-repellent impregnation . It is selected taking into account the quality of the skin.

  • For smooth soft skin, a special cream with silicone content or a spray can are suitable.
  • Caring for suede requires special tools designed for this material .
  • For patent glossy skin, only liquid substances are suitable.

Important! In order not to stress the leather product again, you need to take an umbrella with you, especially during the rainy or snowy season. The larger the umbrella, the less the skin gets wet.

And the fewer the wet and dry cycles the jacket goes through, the longer it becomes used.

The frequency of application of caring and water-repellent products on a jacket directly depends on the weather conditions established on the street.

  • If it constantly rains outside , drizzle or fog spreads, then the skin should be treated every other day . So the material will be less susceptible to moisture and moisture, and the product will last much longer.
  • If sunny weather is established, then water-repellent treatment should be applied 1-2 times a month for the purpose of prevention. So the jacket will be ready for a sudden change in weather.