Is a butterfly bra comfortable?

Agree, it can be difficult to choose a bra for a dress with bare shoulders or other features of the cut? In such cases, ordinary underwear is visible, visible through clothing or inconvenient to wear. In today's market there is a solution to such a problem - a bra-butterfly!

What is a butterfly bra?

Fly bra - translated from English as “flying bra”, is known in our country as a butterfly bra. And all because this item of women's wardrobe in its shape resembles the wings of a butterfly in an opened state.

This bra model comes from Japan and is made from durable materials such as spandex, nylon and lycra. Fly bra allows, firstly, to fix and cover the chest, and, secondly, to remain invisible underwear even under the most tight-fitting and transparent clothes!

An important issue in wearing a butterfly bra is choosing the right size. Manufacturers of bras of this type produce products in the usual size range - with cups A, B and C.

IMPORTANT! To find comfortable underwear, take the necessary measurements and from the special table select the option you want.

Wear fly bra should be according to this algorithm:

  1. Cleanse breast oil with warm water and detergent, wipe the skin dry;
  2. Let's fix the cups. To do this, remove the protective film, grab the cup with both hands by the edges, place it at the necessary angle on the chest, and firmly press the product. Do the same with the second cup;
  3. Now you need to tighten the lacing in the middle of the product in a comfortable position.

REFERENCE! After each wearing, the butterfly bra must be washed under warm running water with soap and dried naturally. To maintain the stickiness of the product on a dry fly bra, apply a protective film on the inside.

As a rule, such a bra is suitable for outfits with open shoulders, an open neckline, as well as tight-fitting garments.

Is it really comfortable?

To answer this question, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Fly bra, undoubtedly, has a lot of "pluses". It is characterized by instant attachment to the body, such a bra does not require additional support. The butterfly bra has a push up effect, i.e. makes breasts raised. He does not need any time-consuming care, to clean his bra does not need anything but water, soap and a small amount of time.

As for convenience, you need to get used to wearing this type of underwear, at first you will experience discomfort. However, wearing such a bra is often impossible and more than 4 hours a day; an allergic reaction may occur.

IMPORTANT! Please note that fly bra is suitable only for owners of a miniature and medium breast, this structure holds weakly magnificent structures.

Therefore, we can conclude that a butterfly bra will be the perfect thing for any public event where you want to show off your spectacular outfit!

Now you know that a butterfly bra is a great and comfortable solution in case you use a special costume!