The best models of women's sunglasses

Sunglasses are a stylish accessory for any gender and age. But in addition to beauty, they must protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, and not all models are equipped with this function. Good points will not be cheap, so you need to be prepared to pay a round sum. But remember that it will serve as a good accessory for many seasons and years, unlike cheap analogues, which often break down and do not protect eyesight. Find out which of the models of women's glasses are included in the ranking of the best.

Top best sunglasses for women

Choosing sunglasses, women sometimes fall into 2 extremes:

  • they buy only as an accessory, neglecting the UV filter;
  • choose obsolete models, considering only the presence of a UV filter.

But world fashion houses have solved this problem - they produce a line of stylish and at the same time high-quality accessories. Such models will fit perfectly into the stylish image and will protect your eyesight from ultraviolet radiation without changing color reproduction.

IMPORTANT! Quality glasses are made not only by famous world brands. Learn to read the label correctly, and you can easily choose an accessory that protects your eyes from sunlight, and the skin around them, from wrinkles.


For accessories, the manufacturer uses expensive materials, which increases the cost to 15-27 thousand rubles. The design uses animalistic motifs, animal prints and snake-shaped temples. Positioned as glasses for brave modern women.


The Italian brand with an average cost of points of 11, 700 rubles has become famous for maximum sun protection. Initially, they were engaged in corrective lenses, so they protect the eyes well without harming them. The manufacturer does not neglect the stylish design, in addition, the arms are made of durable metal - relevant for girls who constantly break this part.


On average, for 6, 500 rubles you can buy a quality accessory in a classic style. UV protection and notes of modern trends are present.


For an accessory from the Italian house Fendi will have to pay an average of 16 thousand rubles. But they are worth it - high quality and stylish design. Designers regularly release new lines, following fashion trends. There is also a cat's eye, round lenses and even a soft square. There is no need to talk about sun protection once again - manufacturers of the luxury segment do not neglect this moment.


Donna Karan New York earned the title of a popular youth brand. The design of the products is truly youthful, taking into account the trends of recent seasons. Accessories of this American brand are made in China. It is clear that this is not the China that has earned a bad reputation. All products and materials are top notch. The average cost is 10, 000 rubles.


The glasses of this brand are preferred by the current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Both men's and women's accessories are distinguished by their classic design and high quality. Initially, Cartier was engaged in the production of vision lenses, but later began to produce sun-protection models with an average cost of 15, 000 rubles.


Oddly enough, but the famous brand for every girl produces sun glasses with an average price of 7, 500 rubles. High quality, stylish modern design - this is the hallmark of a fashion house. A relatively low price allows you to save and buy a good accessory.

Dolce & gabanna

Another famous brand offers ladies fashion accessories with quality glasses. The brand's business card is the logo on each product. Price - from 10 000 rubles.


The famous world fashion house is not inferior in the accessories industry. Models of sunglasses have a luxurious design - Swarovski crystals and gilding, and high-quality protective lenses made of polycarbonate and mineral glass. You can find a model for 5 thousand, but there are also for 15-20.


All brand models are carried out according to the latest global trends. Material - high quality plastic. All the details of the glasses are made of it - the frame, the arms and the lens. The manufacturer claims that due to maximum protection from UV rays, the accessory prevents wrinkles in the corner of the eye, which often occurs due to squinting on a sunny day. The average price for 2019 is 14, 500 rubles.

Sunglasses recommendations

Not everyone can afford to buy, albeit one, but a branded thing. With glasses, everything is the same. Therefore, in order to buy a high-quality and stylish accessory, you need to be able to read labels, understand what signs or inscriptions should be there.

Depending on the material, glass - glass or plastic - plastic is written on the bow, glass or label. On glasses with a UV filter, there is a UV marking, with a prefix in the form of percent. The percentage of protection for all models is different, suitable for different situations:

  • 15-20% - minimum protection, suitable on a cloudy day;
  • 40-65% - the initial degree of protection, ideal for morning and evening, when the sun is not so active;
  • 65-90% - average level, suitable for a sunny day and relaxation in hot countries;
  • 90-100% - maximum ultraviolet blocking. Used for photophobia, for skiing, driving a car.

If you buy glasses without a UV filter, choose light or translucent lenses. In the sun, the pupil narrows and accepts less UV light than if it were dilated. Wearing glasses without a filter in black or dark, the pupil expands and receives a large amount of sunlight, which harms the retina. If there is no filter in the accessory, but the glass is light or transparent, the pupil narrows, which acts as a natural defense.

The color of the glasses with a protective factor does not matter. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether the pupil is dilated or not, and in both cases the filter will not let the rays pass. Experts believe that the intensity of the color of the lenses, of any color, also does not affect the ability of the filter to block sunlight.

IMPORTANT! Wearing sunglasses without a UV filter, you are depriving yourself of natural protection from the rays - narrowed pupils.

The opinion of experts is as follows: design, brand, price does not matter. The main thing - do not neglect the protective properties, and in the budget segment there are high-quality models. It’s better to accumulate and buy good points, rather than buying a piece for the season, causing harm to health.