Bath towel sizes

A bath towel is an integral attribute of a bathroom, it is also required to be taken with you to a bath or sauna, hence the name - bath. The product can be made by different technologies, be terry, waffle, made in the form of a sheet. Sizes in factories are used standard.

There is a whole dimensional grid for towels for various purposes.

Standard sizes of bath towels and their purpose

Textile production factories use standard, approved many years ago, dimensional grids that reduce waste, take into account the peculiarities of production machines, and reduce production costs. In addition, the standard sizes meet all the requirements of buyers and are used not only at home, but are also purchased for hiking on the beach or in the bathhouse.

The size range is quite diverse:

  • 30X30 (another name - a napkin for the kitchen, used for domestic needs);
  • 35X70 (intended exclusively for home use, more often used as a baby napkin) ;
  • 50X70 (canvas for legs or as a terry rug after exiting the shower);
  • 50X100 (average size of a bath product, used for face or hands, and also used in fitness rooms);
  • 70X140 (a large product that can absorb moisture after procedures in water is used in bathrooms, saunas, baths or pools);
  • 150X100 (a beach sheet, used not only to absorb moisture from the body, but also an excellent solution for laying on a couch or just on sand).

In stores where famous brands are sold, there are always stocks of standard towel sizes that customers may need.

Approved by GOST ah, some deviation from the dimensions is allowed according to the standard. That is why products, depending on the manufacturer, may vary slightly in length or width.

Some factories provide a service for sewing towels according to individual sizes of the customer.

This is very convenient for people looking for non-standard options for decorating rooms in their home and preferring original things.

How to choose a suitable size?

Before buying new towels in the bathroom, you should decide on its purpose. Only after that, you can safely pay attention to the size range presented in stores. So, for example, if a towel is necessary to wipe your hands or face after washing, fit size 50X90 or close to it . It is convenient to hang such a product on a hook near the sink and use it if necessary.

Provided that you need a large towel to wipe after a shower, bath or pool, you should not save on buying . It is better to purchase a long and wide canvas, pleasant to the touch, to quickly and comfortably wipe off after a bath procedure.

You should also pay attention to a number of criteria that are considered important, along with the dimensions of the product:

  • softness (at the time of purchase this is the first characteristic that the buyer pays attention to if it is rigid, it is unlikely to be bought, in this case, you should pay attention to the composition, natural materials are preferred);
  • pile (experienced housewives choose products with a pile length of at least 5 mm, too long fibers will quickly become unpresentable after several machine washings, and a towel with too short a pile will not absorb moisture well and get wet quickly);
  • absorbency (ideally, the canvas should quickly absorb moisture without leaving streaks, this can only be achieved if the material is natural, towels made of Pakistani or Egyptian cotton are considered the best, but labels often do not provide comprehensive information to the buyer);
  • density (the shelf life of any towel is 3 years, on how dense the product will depend on whether the terry product lasts these years or becomes unusable much earlier, so you should choose dense quality terry sheets).

You need to choose a towel for all 4 criteria, so as not to complain that the towel did not last the months allotted to it and became unusable after a few washings in the washing machine.

Properly selected and high-quality thing will delight home with its softness and good absorbency. A variety of beautiful ornaments and patterns will help to complement the selected interior in an original way.