6 pairs of shoes that a woman should have in 50+

Each representative of the fair sex always wants to look beautiful and stylish. Many ladies at an elegant age begin to think about revising their wardrobe. What shoes to choose to look elegant and stylish regardless of age and season?

Be stylish at any age.

In any season, the main features of the wardrobe of the wise female representatives should be: femininity, elegance and conciseness. Comfortable and, at the same time, stylish shoes will give a special charm and can make any image more positive.

Universal shoes for women in 50+

To create a variety of daily images for a modern lady at an elegant age, it is enough to have only a few pairs of shoes of various types, so that you can successfully combine them with various types of clothes.

Comfortable high heel shoes

High-heeled shoes visually lengthen legs, but such shoes cannot be called comfortable. It is better to choose shoes with medium or lower stable heels .

There are many models in which sophistication and grace are harmoniously combined with comfort and practicality .

White sneakers (sneakers)

Shoes of this type go well with various clothes. Comfortable white sneakers are equally well suited for jeans, boyfriends and tight-fitting trousers. You can wear them with a midi skirt . The main condition is that white sneakers should be very clean.

Everyday Loafers

This type of shoe is considered an excellent option for business images. Loafers look good in combination with simple jeans and cropped woolen trousers .

Depending on personal preferences, you can choose any material, shade and finish, but black leather loafers continue to be considered a universal win-win option.

Universal color ankle boots

For the autumn and winter months, ankle boots are the best option. They can be worn with black trousers, skinny jeans or dresses . In the spring, such models will look great with a fluffy skirt .

Advice! It is better to choose models with medium heels. Ankle boots with a similar heel are comfortable and visually lengthen legs a little.

Summer flat sandals

An indispensable option for hot weather. Flat neutral neutral sandals will look great in combination with long sundresses and casual trousers.

Favorite pair of shoes

You can safely spend an impressive portion of your salary on shoes that you liked very much . Such a couple will take a worthy place in your wardrobe. This may not be the most practical option for shoes, but you will smile every time you put them on, and it is worth a lot!

In every age of a woman there is a special beauty and harmony . Famous designers try to emphasize this in their collections as much as possible. Therefore, modern ladies at any age can easily choose elegant and beautiful shoes for every occasion.