The 3 most expensive handbags in the world: do you want a handbag with diamonds?

A bag for a woman is not only a practical accessory. This is an opportunity to forget the troubles by adding a new model to the existing ones. Or draw attention to yourself, successfully choosing an outfit for a new handbag. And also to impress, at least, friends and colleagues who understand a lot about women’s bags!

Manufacturers of bags will definitely not be left without work: their goods will be in demand at any time. And the ladies will closely monitor the new accessory that appeared with the girlfriend, and then they will find the opportunity to purchase a model even cooler!

For manufacturers, this attitude to bags makes it possible not to limit your imagination, to create real creations using a variety of materials. Of course, this affects the cost of such products. And the cost of the most expensive handbags makes an impression!

In stores, you are unlikely to see such products. But with the help of our article you can imagine how they look. And perhaps find something similar in the boutique.

Kelly for 124 million rubles. ($ 1.9 million)

Title - Damond Birkin and Kelly.

Hermes manufacturers did not experiment with the form. Impressive and expensive bag made materials.

  • Material - crocodile skin .
  • Diamonds - 1200 gems .
  • Metal - rose gold .
  • The number of copies is 2 pairs.

REFERENCE! Rare instances of "Kelly" involuntarily attract glances to its owner. But miniature dimensions deprive the product of practical use. Putting a purse or a phone in a bag will fail!

"Ginza Tanaka" for 131 million rubles. ($ 2 million)

For 5 years, masters worked on the embodiment of the idea of ​​a Japanese designer .

  • Title - Ginza Tanaka Platinum Handbag.
  • The material is platinum .
  • Diamonds - 2182 gems (totaling 208 carats).
  • Quantity is the only copy!

IMPORTANT! The bag of Japanese masters is a real designer. The diamond strap can be unfastened by making a bracelet or necklace. And turn the “main” jewelry (8 carat diamond decorated with smaller stones) into a luxurious brooch.

"1001 nights" for 250 million rubles. ($ 3.8 million)

Today this heart-shaped handbag is the most expensive in the world! And this is not surprising.

  • Manufacturer - Mouawad, a jewelry house.
  • Material - 18 carat gold (750 standart).
  • Gemstones - 4, 517 diamonds of various colors: pink (56), yellow (105), white (4356)

Of course, these models are special, as is their price.

And the cost of your handbags for everyday use always corresponds to their quality?